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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall.

Affiliation Torment creatures
Type God
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 30 (32)
Campaign Nightfall
Abaddon's Gate mission.jpg
Abaddon's in-game appearance
Abaddon mural (Gandara).jpg
Mural of Abaddon, seen at the
Plaza of the Five Gods.
Early Abaddon Mural.jpg
A stylized depiction of Abaddon,
seen in the Heart of the Shiverpeaks.

And so it came to pass that Jadoth, being persecuted by the horrific Forgotten armies, and hounded from his home, did seek refuge among the cooling mists of the Crystal Sea. Untold weeks passed as Jadoth huddled in his sanctuary, with nothing to see save the endless ripples of the boundless ocean.

On the 51st day of his exodus, a frightful sight manifested before Jadoth's eyes: the unmistakable shape of Forgotten warships upon the horizon's shimmering edge.

And prayed Jadoth, "Abaddon! Lord of the Everlasting Depths, Keeper of Secrets, open mine eyes and bestow upon me the knowledge of the Abyss that I might smite mine enemies and send them to the watery depths!"

An unsettling silence swept across the waves. The twilight sky shattered and stars streaked down upon the Forgotten armada. The seas boiled and ruptured, and gave birth to a maelstrom from which not even light could escape, and transforming the sky above into a midnight void.

And thus was magic gifted to Jadoth, chosen of Abaddon, the first of the Margonites.

— Scriptures of Abaddon, 1 BE

The Day shall come when the Lord of Secrets Will be freed of his Tormented Prison. When the other gods will quail before his power And Night will fall on the living world

— Scriptures of Abaddon[1]

Abaddon is the fallen God of Water and Secrets. The ending of Nightfall sets him up as the ultimate antagonist of the three Guild Wars campaigns, by revealing him as the secret corrupting influence behind Vizier Khilbron and Shiro Tagachi through his servants Terick and the Fortune Teller respectively. Like the other gods, Abaddon's origins are shrouded in mystery. The Apostate speaks of Abaddon gaining his power from an older, deposed god, however nothing more is known about this. Abaddon was once fanatically worshiped by the Margonites, a nation of sea-faring humans. The phrase "act with magic, act within reason, act without mercy" is attributed to Abaddon's teachings.

In 1 BE, he spread magic to the races of Tyria, and thus was indirectly responsible for the wars that came afterward. King Doric pleaded to the gods and they rendered magic into the five Bloodstones, diluting their gift. Abaddon was incensed and went to war with the others, and led this follower in assaulting the Gates of Heaven. He was eventually struck down at the Mouth of Torment, in a blow that turned the Crystal Sea into a desert. There, Abaddon was sealed within the Realm of Torment and the city of Morah was established to watch over the spot where he fell. Shortly after his defeat, the gods left the world in an act that came to be known as the Exodus.

During his imprisonment, Abaddon sought a way to return to the world, sending out demonic servants to subvert the mortal realm. It was a servant of Abaddon who persuaded Shiro Tagachi to murder Emperor Angsiyan, causing the Jade Wind, and Abaddon sent titans, who acted as gods for the charr and gave them the capability to perform the ritual of the Searing. When the charr assaulted Orr, Razakel convinced Vizier Khilbron, who was also a follower of Abaddon, to read the Lost Scrolls and sink the land in the Cataclysm.

In 1075 AE, worshipers of Abaddon, General Kahyet and Warmarshal Varesh Ossa attempted to enact Nightfall, thereby returning Abaddon to the mortal plane with the Great Margonite Temple as the center of his rule. Abaddon, with the help of Dhuum and Menzies, was almost successful, but was stopped by the Order of the Sunspears and the Order of Whispers, who entered the Realm of Torment to defeat him. In his final moments, Abaddon's power threatened to run out of control and destroy Tyria, but it was absorbed by Spearmarshal Kormir, who became the Goddess of Truth using a power that had been granted to her by the Five Gods.



Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 110 (110) Piercing damage 110 (110) Slashing damage 110 (110)
Cold damage 110 (110) Earth damage 110 (110) Fire damage 110 (110) Lightning damage 110 (110)

Items dropped[edit]




  • Descriptions in the gw.dat imply that Abaddon's body was destroyed since throughout Guild Wars Nightfall he "coalesces part of his godform" as the event of Nightfall is brought about. This may explain why he is fought as a head and two arms.
  • Abaddon's mask, sword and right gauntlet can be seen in the Ruins of Morah mission.
  • Abaddon's arms are actually separate models - his in-game model is just a head.
  • The name "Abaddon" is the English form of the Hebrew word "Avadon" (אבדון), which translates to "Doom". In demonology, Abaddon was chief of the demons of the seventh hierarchy and was called The Destroyer.
  • Abaddon is the largest foe in Guild Wars.
  • Doing /dance in his arena will cause Abaddon to dance with you. Shortly after he will insta-kill the entire party.

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