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Mural of Balthazar in Gandara.

For weeks did the battle rage on, and those who had taken up the mantle of war grew weary and their courage began to falter.

Then did Balthazar, god of war and fire, appear to the soldiers, carrying with him a grand sword that did glow with such brilliance it blinded any who looked upon it. When he spoke, His voice was like thunder, and it shook the ground with force.

Then saith He, "Lift up thy weapons. For you are my soldiers, and must you be steadfast, strong, and brave of heart. They who neither hesitate nor stumble shall be rewarded. Then shall you have glory. Then shall your deeds be remembered for eternity."

And then did release from His sword a hundred thousand flames, which encircled the soldiers. For this was the fire of courage, and forthwith did they follow the god into battle without fear or hesitation. Thence was the enemy struck down.

— Scriptures of Balthazar, 48 BE

Balthazar is the God of War, Fire, and Challenge. He is the patron god of Warriors, Fire Elementalists, Protection and Smiting Monks, and Command Paragons, and is linked to the Season of the Phoenix in the Elonian calendar.

Balthazar arrived on Tyria carrying the head of his father and leading his fierce hounds, Temar and Tegon, sweeping Orr with a cleansing flame. He proclaimed the world for humanity to take, believing the other races would be easily defeated. When Abaddon fell, Balthazar forged the chains that bound the fallen god in the Realm of Torment. His forces currently battle with his half-brother, Menzies, in the Fissure of Woe. He is greatly revered and celebrated by the Zaishen Order, who host tournaments in Balthazar's name on the Battle Isles.

Depictions of Balthazar usually show him holding a greatsword with his battle hounds at his feet. In Cantha, the greatsword is usually of the single-edged imperial style, and the hounds are usually replaced with winged drakes. Elonian depictions occasionally replace the hounds with other predatory animals, such as lions. When the world has the Favor of the Gods, statues of Balthazar light up with flames burning along the base, and the eyes burn brightly.



  • Balthazar has been given many titles, including:
    • Bringer of War
    • Finder of Wisdom
    • He That Shows Us the Final Truth
    • Judge of the Powerful
    • Revealer of Strength
    • Scourge of the Prideful
    • Paragon of Bloodshed
    • God of Strife
    • Master of Might
    • The Blade of Conflict


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