Dynastic Reckoning

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Whenever Elona's scholars write about history, they use their own conventions for writing about time. Different countries use different systems: Tyrians use the Mouvelian calendar, while Canthans have their own Canthan calendar. When dealing with outsiders, Elonians have little difficulty converting their dates to one of these other calendars.

On the continent of Tyria, all history is relative to the year the gods left the world, an event known as the Exodus. Elonians begin their calendar two hundred years earlier, when the first of the Primeval Kings began their rule over Elona. All years in Elonian history include the letters “DR,” measuring years after the Dynastic Reckoning.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

Season Element Days Favored Gods
Season of the Zephyr (Spring) Air 1-90 Dwayna and Lyssa
Season of the Phoenix (Summer) Fire 91-180 Balthazar
Season of the Scion (Autumn) Earth 181-270 Melandru
Season of the Colossus (Winter) Water 271-360 Grenth

The seasons and length of the year for the Elonians is the same as the Mouvelian calendar. Various people of different occupations have different beliefs for the four seasons. For instance, Priests connect the seasons to the different gods, while mages believe each season corresponds to an element. In a different light, the merchants have their own names for the seasons, which have been passed on from the Tyrians they trade with.

In the calendar, some Elonian festivals mark the passage of one season to another with tributes to the gods. The most prominent one being Wintersday. It is unknown if the Festival of Lyss is such an event.

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