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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Mouvelian calendar Canthan calendar Dynastic Reckoning Tyria Cantha Elona
1080 AE 1590 CC 1280 DR The Ebon Vanguard are withdrawn from the north and fortify Ebonhawke. Present day during the later Winds of Change events.

Ashu takes control over the Ministry of Purity.

1079 AE 1589 CC 1279 DR Present day during the War in Kryta and Hearts of the North events.

The Krytan civil war ends.

Present day during the earlier Winds of Change events.

The Ministry of Purity begin the final stage of eliminating the Afflicted from Cantha.

1078 AE 1588 CC 1278 DR Present day in Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Earthquakes erupt across Tyria, caused by the Great Destroyer. The Asura appear on the surface. The Norn interact with southern races. The Charr begin a civil war, sparked by Pyre Fierceshot's rebellion. The Transformation of the Dwarves. Primordus, the Elder Dragon, stirs but does not awaken.

1077 AE 1587 CC 1277 DR   Minister Reiko Murakami officially establishes the Ministry of Purity.  
1076 AE 1586 CC 1276 DR Pyre Fierceshot leads his warband in a rebellion against the Shaman caste.    
1075 AE 1585 CC 1275 DR     Present day in Guild Wars Nightfall.

Nightfall occurs and the Goddess of Truth ascends into godhood.

Palawa Joko is set free from imprisonment.

1073 AE 1583 CC 1273 DR   Reiko Murakami, as member of the Ministry of Flame, begins to rally the people of Cantha against the Afflicted.  
1072 AE 1582 CC 1272 DR Present day in Guild Wars Prophecies.

Ascalonian refugees flee to Kryta. The Undead Lich attempts to open the Door of Komalie.

Present day in Guild Wars Factions.

Master Togo summons Mhenlo to the Shing Jea Monastery.

Shiro unleashes plague in Cantha.

1071 AE 1581 CC 1271 DR Resurgent trade between Cantha and the devastated Tyrian kingdoms formalized in the Second Treaty of Lion's Arch.  
Orr is sunk in the Cataclysm.

Bay of Sirens is renamed Sea of Sorrows after an upswing in shipwrecks.

After 191 years of fighting, the Tengu Wars come to an end.  
1070 AE 1580 CC 1270 DR Present day in pre-Searing.

The charr invasion and The Searing ravages Ascalon, bringing an end to the Guild Wars.

The White Mantle take control of Kryta.

1067 AE 1577 CC 1267 DR Mhenlo is the last Tyrian to graduate from Shing Jea Monastery.  
Earliest date given to the White Mantle's existence, and the first year of the Test of the Chosen.  
1058 AE 1568 CC 1258 DR   Kintah dies and is succeeded by his son Kisu, who becomes the 31st Canthan Emperor. Open warfare between the Luxons and Kurzicks ended, resuming border skirmishes, and the Xunlai Guild began spreading its influence outside of Cantha.  
1022 AE 1532 CC 1222 DR Ermenred of Ascalon travels to Cantha to meet Emperor Kintah. Informal trade routes open between the two nations.  
1020 AE 1530 CC 1220 DR Surmia is founded.    
1017 AE 1527 CC 1217 DR   The Luxons and Kurzicks of Cantha end formal diplomatic contact, communicating with each other only when required (and almost always through official liaisons of the Celestial Ministry).  
1016 AE 1526 CC 1216 DR     Second Great Corsair War ends with Seamarshal Matoha's defeat of Lady Glaive's Armada.

Istan established as maritime power.

1013 AE 1523 CC 1213 DR The Third Guild War begins in Tyria.    
982 AE 1492 CC 1182 DR     Second Great Corsair War begins.
972 AE 1482 CC 1172 DR   Juedo summoned the demon Mang.  
940 AE 1450 CC 1140 DR Cantha's embassy formally closed in Ascalon City and Elona. Corsair activity rises as a result of this.
902 AE 1412 CC 1102 DR Long-standing trade agreements between the Tyrian kingdoms and the Canthan Empire dissolved by imperial decree.  
900 AE 1410 CC 1100 DR     Successful merchant Amaki Voss establishes herself as the clanmarshal for life of the city of Makuun, becoming the first "prince" of Vabbi.
899 AE 1409 CC 1099 DR     Great Fortress of Jahai established at the Grand Cataract.
898 AE 1408 CC 1098 DR The Great Northern Wall is erected.    
886 AE 1396 CC 1086 DR   Inhabitants of Courthouse Square successfully petition the Celestial Ministry to rename the neighborhood Vizunah Square in honor of Vizu for her efforts against Shiro Tagachi.  
880 AE 1390 CC 1080 DR   Increased hostility from the Tengu. Open war with the Angchu Tengu averted through Emperor Hanjai's personal ambassador's efforts. Sensali Tengu claim the Angchu as traitors.  
874 AE 1384 CC 1074 DR     Istan and Vabbi restore their clanmarshals. Kourna retains warmarshal ruler, Kunai Ossa. While Kunai Ossa refuses the Dynastic Crown, all warmarshals of Kourna are from the Ossa clan.
872 AE 1382 CC 1072 DR   Shiro Tagachi slain in the Harvest Temple of Cantha after killing Emperor Angsiyan. The bloodline is unbroken when his son Emperor Hanjai (Kisu's great-great grandfather) ascends to the throne.
Beginning of the Age of the Dragon.
Canthan diplomats in the northern kingdoms return to Cantha and trade declines due to increased pirate attacks.
870 AE 1380 CC 1070 DR The Burnt Warband, part of the Flame Legion, discovers the Titans at the Hrangmer volcano and declares them as deities.    
868 AE 1378 CC 1068 DR     Turai Ossa leads the Great Pilgrimage into the Crystal Desert.
865 AE 1375 CC 1065 DR   Shiro Tagachi thwarts a Celestial Ministry coup d'etat, mounting the rebels' heads outside the Ministry's office.  
862 AE 1372 CC 1062 DR     Turai Ossa defeats Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai. The Order of Whispers seals away Palawa Joko.
860 AE 1370 CC 1060 DR Nolani is founded.   Palawa Joko invades Elona, captures most of the Northern Province, earns the sobriquet "Scourge of Vabbi."
858 AE 1368 CC 1058 DR   Shiro famously defeats a group of Am Fah, beheading their leader and executing all surrenderers.  
851 AE 1361 CC 1051 DR Lord Odran becomes the first mortal to enter the Rift.
825 AE 1335 CC 1025 DR Mad King Thorn and the Lunatic Court are killed during a rebellion.    
774 AE 1284 CC 974 DR   Emperor Senvho's dies on the new throne of Raisu Palace.  
772 AE 1282 CC 972 DR   Dinfang is attacked by the naitahlen armada led by Appollonia, who is defeated by Kitah and her squadron.  
757 AE 1267 CC 957 DR     Palawa Joko builds his Bone Palace in the Desolation.
712 AE 1222 CC 912 DR     First of the Great Corsair Wars.
694 AE 1204 CC 894 DR   The infamously cruel Emperor Singtah is burned alive in the first Raisu Palace. His son, Senvho begins building the second Raisu Palace. Beginning of the Age of the Tortoise.  
640 AE 1150 CC 840 DR     Last of the Shattered Dynasties collapse. Elona emerges as three allied provinces--Kourna, Istan, and Vabbi.
583 AE 1093 CC 783 DR     Collapse of the Great Dynasty. Start of the Pretender Wars and the Shattered Dynasty Era.
572 AE 1082 CC 772 DR   Magadore attempts to siphon life from Cantha's forests and is killed by Zojun's animal army.  
534 AE 1044 CC 734 DR Lornar single-handedly holds off a great Hill Giant invasion in Lornar's Pass.    
520 AE 1030 CC 720 DR     First new settlements in the Istan Islands.
456 AE 966 CC 656 DR     End of the Plague Years. Admun Kolos takes the throne, founding the Great Dynasty.
452 AE 962 CC 652 DR     Scarab Plague sweeps through Elona, decimates the population, and wipes out the Royal House. Istan abandoned. End of the Primeval Kings.
372 AE 882 CC 572 DR   Karei is approached by Dwayna and made Master of Kaziin Monastery.  
358 AE 868 CC 558 DR Kryta becomes an independent nation.    
324 AE 834 CC 524 DR     First mention of organized corsair activities in the Dynastic records. Monument building common in Istan and Kourna.
300 AE 810 CC 500 DR Kryta established as a colony of Elona.    
272 AE 782 CC 472 DR Glint compiles the Flameseeker Prophecies.    
221 AE 731 CC 421 DR   Shing Jea Island is no longer used for logging and begins agricultural recovery. Beginning of the Age of the Hedgehog.  
Cantha begins trading with Tyria, Elona, and the northern areas.
174 AE 684 CC 374 DR The Forgotten leave the world of men, settling in the Crystal Desert.
29 AE 539 CC 229 DR     Primeval Kings spread their rule into Vabbi and the Desolation, and begin to bury their dead rulers in tombs in the Crystal Desert.
2 AE 512 CC 202 DR Orr becomes an independent nation.    
1 AE 511 CC 201 DR King's Watch is founded. Prince Chang Hai, a Warrior Monk, becomes the first Ascendant emperor of Cantha. Beginning of the Age of the Bat.  
0 AE
(Year 0)
510 CC 200 DR The Human Gods split the bloodstones to control magic. The Crystal Desert is formed and the Desolation created. Margonite civilization collapses. Fall of Abaddon. The Exodus of the Gods.
1 BE 509 CC 199 DR The Human Gods give magic to races of Tyria.
    Date of the Scriptures of Abaddon.
45 BE 465 CC 155 DR Date of the Scriptures of Lyssa.    
48 BE 462 CC 152 DR Date of the Scriptures of Balthazar, Melandru, and Grenth.    
100 BE 410 CC 100 DR Ascalon's new king receives first Canthan ambassador.
High-plains human settlements become known as Ascalon. Humans drive charr out of Ascalon. Doric is crowned king during the Season of the Phoenix in Ascalon.    
115 BE 395 CC 85 DR Date of the Scriptures of Dwayna.    
175 BE 335 CC 25 DR     Margonite settlements appear along coastlines north and west of Elona. Margonite vessels rule the Unending Ocean.
200 BE 310 CC 0 DR     First of the Primeval Kings rules Elona from the city of Fahranur in Istan. Start of Dynastic Reckoning (DR).
205 BE 305 CC -5 DR Humans appear on Tyrian continent. Beginning of the Age of the Falcon. Humans appear on the islands of Istan and in the valley of Elona.
459 BE 51 CC -259 DR   Kurzicks declare independence from Cantha, become vassal clan.  
462 BE 48 CC -262 DR   Luxons formally secede from the Empire, become vassal clan.  
464 BE 46 CC -264 DR   Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah dies under mysterious circumstances. Yian Zho takes the throne.  
510 BE 0 CC -310 DR   Canthan clans unite under Kaineng Tah, first Lord Emperor of the Dragon. Construction on the first Raisu Palace begins. Beginning of the Age of the Marmoset.  
786 BE Late Pre-Imperial Era -586 DR   Humans appear in Cantha for the first time and settle the northern coastline before spreading completely across the continent. Their development is unhindered by the Forgotten.  
1769 BE Middle Pre-Imperial Era -1569 DR The Forgotten arrive in Tyria.
10,000 BE Early Pre-Imperial Era -9800 DR Last of the Giganticus Lupicus, the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent.

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