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The War Chronicles is a series of articles written by Murro.


April 8th - A Troubled Land

Murro portrait.jpg

This is Kryta.

It’s a land of palm trees and white sand beaches, of fertile earth and wholesome folk. A visitor passing through might think Kryta a land of peace and ease.

But if that visitor were to linger a while, they’d soon notice fear in the eyes of the farmers and hear whispered dissent in taverns. For Kryta is a troubled land.

Hiding in the jungles and among the populace, the Shining Blade rebel movement has grown increasingly bold in their attacks against the White Mantle, the ostensible leaders of Kryta. No doubt the royalist rebels are taking advantage of the relative weakness of the White Mantle after the recent deaths of their entire High Council.

But the White Mantle is not to be underestimated. They have rallied under new leadership – the stern hand of Confessor Isaiah – and their Inquisitors scour the land, hunting for rebels.

I am Murro, a humble historian and scribe. It is my duty to bear witness to these momentous events and report what I see with honesty. Over the coming weeks I intend to do just that, in these War Chronicles.

April 9th - Peacekeepers—or Bandits?

Peacekeeper portrait.jpg

Farmer Eshael Mattan was traveling on the road north of Nebo Village with a wagon full of trade goods when he claims a party of ruffians blocked his passage.

They called themselves Peacekeepers and bore writs and badges from the White Mantle, but Mattan claims they were little more than brigands.

"Their leader was a grizzled hag of a woman with a cob pipe,” Mattan said. “And the rest were little more than degenerate, filthy bandits – none of them Krytan born."

These "Peacekeepers" searched Mattan’s wagon under the pretense of looking for contraband. When the ruffians found a shiny mirror and some moa meat they fancied, they confiscated them as "tithe for passage" and sent the poor farmer on his way.

Farmer Mattan's tale of highwaymen with official sanctions from the White Mantle is chilling, but it is not the first such story this scribe has heard.

April 12th - Arrows of the Shining Blade

Dead Mantle.jpg

Traveling south towards Bergen Hot Springs, I made a grim discovery today.

Two knights of the White Mantle lay face down in the dust of the road, each pierced with half a dozen arrows.

How long they had lay there dead I could not say, for I dared not approach their bodies lest somebody see me and report me to the White Mantle. I had no wish to be blamed for the killings, though I had no doubt who was responsible.

I hurried along my way, eager to put as much road as possible between myself and those forsaken victims of the Shining Blade.

April 13th - Inquisitor Scours Bergen Hot Springs

Inquisitor Lovisa.jpg

For the third time this week, White Mantle agents conducted extensive searches of farms around Bergen Hot Springs as part of an ongoing campaign to root out so-called heretics and Shining Blade sympathizers.

Inquisitor Lovisa of the White Mantle, who is overseeing the searches, directed her men to tear apart the outbuildings of an area farm, despite the pleas of the farmer.

“We’re searching for prohibited materials and evidence of collusion with the rebels,” she explained. “And we’ll tear this farm apart to find it.”

The Mantle allowed the farmer to remove his livestock before they set their torches to the barn, though I imagine this was of small comfort to the poor man. In the end, Inquisitor Lovisa did not find the contraband she was searching for, but her resolve to snuff out the tiniest ember of rebellion was as strong as ever.

“This sends a strong message to any heathens or rebels in the area,” the Inquisitor said in regards to the burning barn before her. “The White Mantle is tolerant and kind, but we have no mercy for those who would disagree with us.”

April 14th - New Public Safety Laws Decreed

Proclamation of Public Safety.jpg

Villages and farms in Nebo Terrace woke this morning to find new public decrees nailed to doors and posted prominently throughout the province.

The White Mantle's Proclamation of Public Safety establishes several new laws which presumably take place immediately.

The first of the new protections bans movement outside the home after sunset, unless the citizen is fortunate enough to have a Wartime Nocturnal Activities Permit. The second forbids travel between Krytan provinces without a Wartime Travel Permit, while the third new protection prohibits gatherings of individuals in groups greater than six.

The proclamation states that the permits are available through "loyal provincial governors" but does not specify the prerequisites for attaining one. From the handful of common folk who I’ve interviewed today in Nebo Terrace, I would say that this Proclamation of Public Safety has struck the citizenry not with a sense of safety, but with great apprehension.

April 15th - Lack of Permits Halts Merchant Travel

Burnt cart.jpg

The newly mandated Wartime Travel Permits are proving nearly impossible for citizens to acquire. This chronicler spent all morning in a queue with merchants, farmers, and other honest folk, hoping to petition White Mantle officials for the necessary paperwork to travel between Krytan provinces.

After a lengthy and frustrating delay, the assembled petitioners were told that the White Mantle would not be issuing permits of any sort today and to come back tomorrow.

The crowd dispersed, muttering and discontent. One merchant, who feared to use his name, shared the particulars of his situation.

“If I’m not at the docks in Lion's Arch when my shipment of Canthan dyes arrive, I’ll lose my business,” the merchant said. “But if I don’t get a travel permit, the White Mantle can arrest me and confiscate my wares. And now I can’t get a permit.”

The lack of permits may be explained by unconfirmed accounts of Shining Blade raids nearby. Several travelers reported that a White Mantle supply caravan en route to Bergen Hot Springs had been ambushed by rebel forces. The Shining Blade allegedly burned a great quantity of Wartime Travel Permits and absconded with a supply of White Mantle uniforms, which they will no doubt disperse to their troops.

White Mantle officials in Bergen Hot Springs had no comment on reports of the ambush.

April 16th - Salma Appeals to the Ebon Vanguard

Evennia portrait.jpg

Princess Salma has dispatched emissaries north to the Shiverpeak Mountains to enlist the aid of the Ebon Vanguard, according to numerous anonymous reports.

The Ebon Vanguard, an Ascalonian fighting force based in the Far Shiverpeaks, has years of experience launching raids into charr territory. Scholars believe that the Ascalonians cannot spare a large expeditionary force to aid the Krytan rebels and are more likely to provide training and support.

Reports indicate that Evennia, Salma’s key advisor and former Shining Blade leader, will personally travel to the Eye of the North to meet with the Ebon Vanguard leadership.

April 19th - Princess Salma Declares War

Princess Salma portrait.jpg

Princess Salma, claimant to the Throne of Kryta, has issued a public declaration of war. For some time, the Shining Blade has waged war against the White Mantle, but this public proclamation asserts her role as leader of the revolution:

I, Princess Salma, daughter of King Jadon and Priestess Berea, and Heir to the Throne of Kryta, call upon all good Krytans to rise up against the Villainy of the White Mantle. For too long, they have ruled us with campaigns of secrecy and terror, and it shames me to say we've let them do it. They derive their power from dark magic, sacrificing countless Krytan lives, yet never sating the foul appetites of their demonic masters.

But their time is at an end! The unseen demons lie decimated while the White Mantle Council itself is shattered. Today, the Shining Blade strikes as the sword of Vengeance, ready to dismember the White Mantle until nothing is left. Stand with us and we will see Freedom and Justice reign once more in Kryta.

April 20th - Farmers, Merchants Impacted By New White Mantle Laws

Dagan Sharru.jpg

The imposition and enforcement of strict new laws by the White Mantle has greatly affected the fortunes of common Krytans. If the people that I spoke with in Nebo Terrace offer any indication as to the sentiments and experiences of the general citizenry, I can only conclude that common folk all across Kryta have suffered greatly in recent weeks.

Laws that began as an annoyance – such as the curfew or travel restrictions - have now become true hardships for those merchants and craftspeople that rely on trade to make their living.

Recently I spoke with one such merchant, Dagan Sharru, in Hakewood, who was stuck with a wagon full of dwarven ale that he could not sell to the impoverished locals.

"If I could figure out how to get one of those Wartime Travel Permits, I could travel to Lion's Arch and sell my ale," Sharru told me. "But I can't risk getting caught on the road by the Mantle or those Peacekeeper ruffians. Given the slightest excuse, they’ll confiscate all your goods."

Other farmers and craftspeople I spoke with have similar tales. The great wheels of commerce and trade seem to have ground to a halt in Kryta.

April 21st - Inquisitor Bauer at work

Inquisitor Bauer portrait.jpg

He possesses a demonic urgency and an unnerving stare. Common folk all across Kryta have ample reason to fear the very sound of his name: Inquisitor Bauer.

As one of the White Mantle’s Inquisitors, Bauer is tasked with hunting down Shining Blade rebels and snuffing out anti-government sentiment. He is notoriously effective in his work, for Bauer does not hesitate to use “creative interrogation techniques” on anyone he feels may have useful information that they are not sharing.

Recently I attempted to speak with Inquisitor Bauer during a visit to the Ascalon Settlement in North Kryta Province, where he intended to extract information and possibly teeth from a terrified farmer.

“Damn it, I don’t have time!” Bauer said before kicking the farmer’s door in. I left the Inquisitor to his work, trying to ignore the muffled screams from the farmer as I walked away.

April 22nd - An Interview with Farmer Dirk, a Loyal and Enthusiastic Citizen

Dirk and Bauer.jpg

Ask any White Mantle and they’ll tell you – the citizenry of Kryta live in awe and respect of the Unseen Ones and their human servants. One such adoring Krytan can be found in the person of Farmer Dirk, an Ascalonian settler who is known for his prize-winning hogs and his love of the Mantle.

“Yes, it’s true. I love the White Mantle,” Farmer Dirk said. “Best thing that’s ever happened to Kryta. And I’m not just saying that because there’s an Inquisitor standing behind me, no sir.”

Farmer Dirk proceeded to excitedly proclaim the depth of his affection for the White Mantle, his devotion to the tenets of the Unseen Ones, and his absolute loyalty.

“I may be from Ascalon, but Kryta is my home now,” he said. “Just because I wasn’t born here doesn’t mean my loyalty should be in question. Right?”

Farmer Dirk then excused himself to track down a stray hog.

April 23rd - War Chronicles Scribe Detained for Lack of Permit

Murro imprisoned.jpg

The White Mantle has seen fit to detain me for traveling without the appropriate permit.

I explained that yesterday one of the Peacekeepers in their employ had confiscated my Wartime Travel Permit (and an excellent block of cheese) during a random search, leaving me unable to legally travel. They are attempting to corroborate my story, but seem suspicious of my intentions.

I fear they may keep me here in this hut all weekend.

April 27th - Detained Scribe Released by Wise and Just Inquisitor

Murro and Lovisa.jpg

After spending a long weekend in a warm hut in the delightful company of several White Mantle knights who spoke tirelessly and at great length about their faith in the Unseen Ones, this humble scribe was permitted to travel freely once again.

In her great wisdom, Inquisitor Lovisa of the White Mantle saw fit to release me after determining that my valid Wartime Travel Permit had indeed been confiscated by an overly enthusiastic Peacekeeper. We all had a great laugh about the misunderstanding, and after providing them with my assurances of loyalty to the One True Government of Kryta, I was sent on my way – but not before repeatedly promising that I would stay out of trouble and conduct myself in a decent manner. Skeptical readers may rest assured that I am writing these words of my own free will, without coercion.

It felt good to be able to stretch my old legs and breathe fresh air once more, thanks to the graciousness of the White Mantle.

April 28th - Stick-and-Rock Declared Immoral and Illegal

Sad children.jpg

In a puzzling move, White Mantle officials have declared the popular Krytan game of stick-and-rock illegal.

“Krytans should devote their leisure time to contemplating the teachings of the Unseen Ones or by volunteering to join the White Mantle,” said a White Mantle official recently. “Those found indulging in the unwholesome pursuit of stick-and-rock will receive punishment or reeducation.”

Children and idle farmhands all across Kryta undoubtedly disapprove of the ban, though this humble scribe could find none who wished to say so publicly.

April 29th - Canthan, Elonan [sic] Ambassadors Leave Lion's Arch

Canthan merchant.jpg

Dignitaries from Cantha and Elona have left Lion’s Arch as the possibility of a battle for Krytan’s capital seems more and more likely with each passing day.

Trade officials and ministers from foreign lands have been returning to their homelands on ships from the Lion’s Arch harbor all week.

Although the White Mantle still holds Lion’s Arch, rumors of the Princess Salma returning to the throne have been swirling around the city recently. The arrival of the claimant to the Krytan throne would force the heretofore uncommitted Lionguard, traditional defenders of the capitol, to choose sides in the civil war. Those with knowledge of such matters believe that if Salma claimed Lion’s Arch and declared herself Queen, it would trigger a final decisive battle with the White Mantle.

Regardless, until the political situation is resolved, delegates from Cantha and Elona seem unlikely to return, and Kryta will remain isolated.

May 3rd - Loyalty of Ascalonian Settlers in Doubt, Says Mantle

Ascalon farmer.jpg

Settlers of Ascalonian descent in North Kryta Province have good cause to be concerned lately. Recently, high ranking White Mantle officials have implied that the Ascalonians are not entirely loyal to Kryta.

Inquisitor Lashona has repeatedly made public statements calling into question the character and motives of the Ascalonians in Kryta. “If they wish to be counted as true Krytans, these Ascalonians must adapt to our culture,” Lashona said.

The Ascalonian settlers in North Kryta Province arrived in this land as refugees, fleeing the war with the charr that had devastated their lands. In the years since they have arrived, the Ascalonians have established homesteads and businesses in their new land, but many have chosen to remain separate from Krytan culture.

“We have retained our culture, tradition, and beliefs in this new land,” said an Ascalonian settler who asked not to be identified. “Perhaps this was a mistake, because our Ascalonian heritage now makes us the target of bigotry and harassment.”

The White Mantle’s message to the Ascalonians within Kryta seems clear: assimilate or face consequences. “By openly proclaiming their belief in the Unseen Ones and their loyalty to the White Mantle, these immigrants would disprove any and all suspicion towards them,” Lashona said.

May 4th - Inquisitor Lovisa Visits Watchtower Coast

Krytan watchtower.jpg

The common folk of the Watchtower Coast have turned out to listen to Inquisitor Lovisa preach the doctrine of the Unseen Ones. They gather around Lovisa, who is well known in these parts, to listen in respectful silence to her lectures, and the young ones are held in rapt attention by her tales of the exploits of the White Mantle knights.

Or so it would seem.

But as this chronicler witnessed, the crowds of villagers and farmers who attend Lovisa’s sermons have been gathered by White Mantle troops, collected from their fields and homes whether they wish to come or not.

Lovisa’s captive audience is often treated to readings from the tenets of the Unseen Ones and lengthy commentaries on these scriptures. The common folk are then “encouraged” to raise their voices in song to praise the White Mantle, self-styled saviors of Kryta, and to contribute what meager offerings they can afford as the tithe platter is passed around. Those among the gathering who are judged to be lacking in generosity and piety are often singled out after Lovisa’s visits for further encouragement and, if necessary, reeducation.

May 5th - Peacekeepers Ransack Caravan

Peacekeeper portrait2.jpg

By the time I arrived at the caravan, the farmers had already buried their dead friend.

The grieving farmers told me that Peacekeepers had blocked their path and demanded to inspect their loads. When one farmer, more proud than wise, objected to the unjust treatment, he was felled by a fatal blow to the head. The rest of the farmers could only stand by helplessly as the Peacekeepers ransacked their goods, moving on after they had taken what they wanted.

Tragedies like the one I witnessed are becoming increasingly common on the country lanes and caravan trails of Tyria, if one is to believe tales I’ve heard around camp fires and from travelers.

“There’s only so much common folk can take,” one farmer said, repacking his load. “I’ve half a mind to join the Shining Blade myself.”

This last sentence was delivered in a cautious whisper. The balance of power may be shifting in Kryta, but open talk of treason invites a visit from the Inquisitors.

May 6th - Genius Asura Duo Aid Shining Blade

Zinn portrait.jpg

A reputable source within the rebel movement has confirmed that two renowned asura named Zinn and Blimm have allied themselves with the Shining Blade. For obvious reasons, the unnamed source could not offer specific information, but the asura have no doubt been tasked with creating some incredible invention beyond this humble scribe’s understanding to be used against the White Mantle and the Unseen Ones.

The source could not confirm or deny rumors that the Shining Blade agent Livia has been assigned to assist the asura in whatever research they may be conducting.

May 10th - Ebon Vanguard, Adventurers Ally With Shining Blade

Vanguard portrait.jpg

The rumors surrounding the involvement of the Ebon Vanguard in the war have proven true. A member of the Shining Blade confirmed to this scribe that the Ascalonians have thrown their lot in with the Krytan freedom fighters. The Vanguard are joined by the growing number of volunteer adventurers who have heeded the call and taken up arms against the White Mantle.

But do not expect to see Ascalonian armies marching through Kryta, the Shining Blade cautions.

“The fate of our nation lies in the hands of Krytans. We cannot rely on others to fight our battles for us,” the masked individual said. “However, The Ebon Vanguard has dispatched their finest officers to Kryta to serve the cause of freedom.”

“The Vanguard will serve mostly in an advisory capacity, helping to train our many new recruits. The many volunteer adventurers who have gathered under our banner will fight alongside Shining Blade forces against the oppressors.”

While the Shining Blade may downplay the involvement of the Ascalonians and the influx of foreign adventurers, news of their involvement has sent a wind of excitement through the towns and settlements of Kryta. Many common folk now dare to hope for a better future.

May 11th - Skirmish in the Cursed Lands

Shining Blade ranger portrait.jpg

Rebel forces attacked a White Mantle patrol in the Cursed Lands yesterday in a clash that left six Mantle knights dead.

Witnesses claim that Shining Blade rangers, accompanied by unnamed adventurers, ambushed a party of White Mantle troops patrolling the northern vale in the Cursed Lands. After a brief, furious melee, the rebel group defeated the Mantle force, and then vanished back into the rugged hills from whence they came.

Those with knowledge of such matters claim that the Shining Blade, bolstered by new recruits and volunteers, has increased the tempo and ferocity of their attacks against the White Mantle. Some speculate that attacks such as these indicate that the struggle for Kryta is entering a new phase of open warfare that will culminate in a final, decisive battle between Mantle and Blade.

May 13th - Uncertain Times Bad For Overseas Trade


The flow of goods to and from overseas destinations has slowed to a trickle, according to merchants and traders in Lion’s Arch.

Here in Kryta’s largest harbor, one can normally find ships from Cantha and Elona loaded with spices, herbs, and rice. Today, only a few ships are moored at the docks, their cargo holds empty. Uncertainty regarding the outcome of the war has kept all but the bravest and most desperate traders from visiting.

Canthan merchant Jiaju Tai has felt the downturn in trade more than most. “We Canthans have a proverb: ‘Do not sail into troubled winds.’ Very few merchant captains will risk the journey to Lion’s Arch with no guarantee of a market for their goods.”

Jiaju Tai expects overseas trade to Kryta to resume if and when the political situation stabilizes.

“When they know for certain who will rule Kryta and what to expect, the Canthan ships will return,” she said. “But not until then.”

May 14th - Cheers, Tears as Salma Arrives in Lion’s Arch

Royal flag.jpg

For the first time in years, a member of the royal bloodline sits upon the throne in Lion’s Arch.

Today Princess Salma and her cohort entered Lion’s Arch to the cheers and joyful weeping of commoners and took the ancestral seat without a single drop of blood being spilled. The Lionguard, traditional protectors of the royal family, did not bar the Princess from entering – indeed, they received the young Princess with the honor due a queen.

Everywhere in Lion’s Arch, commoners rejoiced at Princess Salma’s arrival. White Mantle symbols and flags were torn from the city’s walls, and a sense of hope shone upon the capital like warm sunshine bursting through storm clouds. “I never thought I’d see those bloody Mantle banners torn down from the walls,” said Grahame, a Lion’s Arch weaponsmith. “Truly this is a great day for Kryta.”

Few had any illusions as to what Salma’s presence here meant, or that it would attract the focused attention of the White Mantle. “Let them come,” said Lionguard Roshan. “I would welcome a final battle with the White Mantle.”

Surely, he will get his wish.

May 17th - Interview: Zinn and Blimm

Blimm Portrait.jpg

Salma and the Shining Blade have many allies from all over Tyria, but none are as unique or as valued as the asura inventors Zinn and Blimm. After some coaxing, the Shining Blade agreed to let me speak with the extraordinary duo.

I found the two asura working on some bizarre stone construct that gave off an eerie glow. They would not pause in their work or even deign to look at me when I spoke.

Q: I have heard that you are working on some incredible apparatus that can actually harm the Unseen Ones. What can you tell me about it?
ZINN: It would take a far greater genius than I to explain the intricate details of this project to the likes of you… And such a person does not exist.
Q: Surely you can describe it in general terms that my readers would understand.
ZINN: Ha! To comprehend even the most rudimentary explanation, one would need to be conversant in synergetics, energy fluxion, and the principles of universal dynamics. Your curiously diminutive human craniums are simply ill-suited to retaining such advanced concepts.
Q: I see, but…
BLIMM: All these questions... not useful. Not helping us get things done. Less Q Q, more pew pew.
ZINN: Excellent point, Blimm. Make yourself useful, bookah, and bring that box here. No, not the small one. The big one. With the stones in it.
Q: But I'm an elderly scribe…
ZINN: Then you should hurry up before your muscles atrophy any further. Come on. Come on. You're not getting any younger.

The interview ended at this point as the asura made me carry and lift heavy objects for them for the next few hours. I’d advise readers to steer clear of Zinn and Blimm unless they are prepared to be put to work.

May 21st - Salma's Royal Audience

Salma with bounty.jpg

Within hours of taking the throne in Lion’s Arch, Salma opened her chambers to petitioners and commoners who wished a royal audience with the Princess. Common folk and Lionguard have lined up just for a chance to bow before Salma and offer their loyalties or to beseech Salma’s aid.

"All those who love freedom may seek an audience with me," Princess Salma said.

In addition to Krytan citizens, Salma is meeting with foreign adventurers who have volunteered to help defeat the White Mantle. The Princess has authorized royal bounties on particularly villainous White Mantle agents, and as a result, ambitious volunteers have flocked to Lion’s Arch with hopes of making their fortune and reputation.

"Kryta has great need for brave volunteers in these troubled times," said the Princess.

May 24th - Young Adventurers Seek Royal Bounties

Aretes Kenjo portrait.jpg

“We’ve come to make a name for ourselves and slay some White Mantle,” boasted Aretes Kenjo as he brandished his sword. One of many foreign adventurers who have flocked to Lion’s Arch in recent days, Kenjo and his four eager young companions were drawn by news of the royal bounties set forth by the Princess.

Brimming with excitement, the adventurers discussed which bounty they would collect and how they would go about crushing their prey.

Aretes Kenjo said, “We can’t decide whether to go after Cerris in Nebo Terrace – that’s pretty close by – or claim the bounty on Destor the Truth Seeker. With a name like that, how tough can he be?”

The five young fortune seekers settled on Destor and departed for Kessex Peak. They were laughing and cheerful as they left Lion’s Arch, confident of a quick victory and an easy reward. It seems that fear and intimidation are no longer effective weapons in the White Mantle arsenal.

May 27th - Interview: Bartholos, Shining Blade Leader

Bartholos portrait.jpg

I cannot say with any certainty where the camp was that the Shining Blade led me to, for two reasons: the rebels had blindfolded me, and they courteously threatened me with death if I revealed the location of their base.

Once the rebels had settled me in a tent and saw to my comfort, the man I had traveled so far to see entered. Bartholos, leader of the Shining Blade, greeted me with warmth that is rarely found in Kryta these days. The rebel group’s commander had consented to answer a few questions before his duties took him elsewhere.

Q: There are quite a few troops in this camp. Is the Shining Blade more numerous than the White Mantle would have us believe?
Bartholos: As with any information the White Mantle would have Krytans believe, the truth is quite the opposite. Our ranks have grown with Krytans who are sick of the White Mantle’s crimes against the very people they supposedly lead. As you have seen, our Ascalonian cousins in the Ebon Vanguard are helping us train all these new recruits. In addition, foreign volunteers have flooded into Kryta, ready to strike a blow against tyranny. Every day we grow stronger.
Q: Traditionally the Shining Blade has relied on a strategy of ambush and lightning raids instead of facing the White Mantle in large battles. With your new allies and recruits, will you adopt a new strategy?
Bartholos: I won’t discuss operational details, but I will say this: soon the Shining Blade will face the Mantle, and our grievances will be settled with magic and steel.

With that, Bartholos took his leave and returned to his duties. One could not help but be impressed by the man’s certainty and resolve.

June 2nd - Bounty Hunters Manhandled By Mantle

Aretes Kenjo defeated portrait.jpg

Over the past few days in Lion’s Arch I have noticed just as many adventurers and bounty hunters departing for the provinces on missions against the White Mantle, but I have also noticed more than a few parties of adventurers returning to the capital broken and defeated. It would seem that many of the White Mantle agents who are the subject of these bounties are more formidable than anticipated.

As an example, take the young warrior Aretes Kenjo and his group of fellow adventurers, who were unsuccessful in their attempt to dispatch Destor the Truth Seeker, a White Mantle officer. The dejected would-be heroes, so full of vim and confidence a few days earlier, now staggered back into Lion’s Arch, bloodied and battered.

“We didn’t think he’d be so powerful…” the dazed Aretes Kenjo said as he stumbled past.

When asked if he and his group would attempt another bounty, the young warrior just looked at this scribe and said nothing. The haunted look in his eyes told me that the answer was no.

June 29th - Scribe Returns from Involuntary Overseas Journey

Murro returns to Kryta.jpg

At last I set foot again on my native Krytan soil.

Several weeks ago, while I was travelling to the D’Alessio Seaboard to interview a farmer who had reported an “inhuman, six-eyed thing that floated in the air,” I was detained by White Mantle inquisitors. They were well acquainted with my writings, and expressed their opinion that my chronicles of the Krytan war were nothing more than rebellious propaganda.

I explained that I merely wrote truthfully about what I have seen and heard in my travels throughout Kryta, but this would not satisfy them. They discussed at length amongst one another what was to be done with me – several inquisitors favored hanging me from a nearby tree, while several others proposed casting me into exile. Given the circumstances, I thought it wise to remain quiet while the White Mantle debated.

Finally they decided on exile, and placed me on a spice ship bound for Cantha. I was told that if I ever set foot in Kryta again, they would fit me with a hangman’s collar.

After a long sea journey with inedible food and terrible weather, I arrived in Cantha… and promptly boarded the next ship bound for Kryta. This vessel was packed with salted reef lurker meat and stunk badly, but the winds favored us and we arrived back in Tyria in a week’s time.

Now I have returned, and much has changed. It seems that Salma’s royalist faction has gained the momentum in this war, with the help of foreign adventurers. Is the nightmare nearly over? Is the final battle for Kryta upon us?

July 1st - White Mantle Forces Allegedly Mobilizing

Mantle portrait.jpg

According to unsubstantiated reports, the White Mantle is assembling their forces for a massive confrontation with the Shining Blade. I’ve heard reports from common folk fleeing south, fearful of being caught in the path of the huge assemblage if it marches on Lion’s Arch.

I will investigate these claims as best as I am able and provide more information tomorrow.

July 2nd - Chaos and war sweep through Central Kryta

Mantle Forces.jpg

As I have made my way north through Nebo Terrace, I have seen many villagers and farmers on the roads, fleeing south with as much as they can carry.

“We’re heading for Lion’s Arch,” one refugee told me. “There’s fighting in the north. Foreign mercenaries – excuse me, I mean adventurers – have been hunting Mantle and Peacekeepers all across the countryside.”

Rumors of intense fighting and a White Mantle army massing somewhere in the north are rampant among the displaced commonfolk.

Many have also described strange, legless constructs in the employ of the Mantle. Witnesses describe them as “inhuman, six-eyed things that float in the air.” Sightings of these floating creatures have been reported in North Kryta Province, Nebo Terrace, the Watchtower Coast, and elsewhere.

Nobody I have met can tell me with any certainty what is happening, but as from the very beginning, it is the common Krytan who suffers most.

July 7th - Scribe acquires temporary traveling companion


Passing through a nearly deserted settlement in Nebo Terrace, a large wolf began following me. At first I was worried, as the hills and vales in this area are full of all manner of dangerous beast. Every time I turned around, the wolf was there, twenty paces back on the trail. I picked up my pace, and so did the wolf. I stopped altogether, and the wolf sat down.

Finally I decided that the wolf meant me no harm and resolved to pay it no attention. The wolf, who I had now named Tag-Along in my mind, continued to follow me, despite my lack of encouragement.

When I stopped to have a meager lunch, I tossed the beast a slice of salted reef lurker meat, as I have lost all taste for it after my recent Canthan sojourn. The wolf happily devoured the lurker and waited for more.

We continued on, Tag-Along, and I, under a hot mid-day sun. All at once, the wolf gave a low growl and scampered off into the undergrowth.

Before I could wonder where the beast had run off to, a pair of Peacekeepers appeared on the road ahead. These degenerate highwaymen have official sanction to ply their trade by the White Mantle; their like has made Kryta unbearable these last few months.

As the hulking Peacekeepers surrounded me, bombarding me with questions, insults, and accusations, I resigned myself to a robbery and a beating...

But then something invisible hissed past my ear and buried itself into the first Peacekeeper’s throat. He fell, clutching the green arrow buried in his neck.

With a snarl, Tag-Along burst from the bushes and tore into the second thug before he could raise his weapon. Within seconds, it was over.

Wagging his tail, my canine friend nuzzled against my legs. Tag-Along pricked up his ears at the sound of a shrill bird call, then hopped over the dead Peacekeepers and dashed back into the woods. He joined his master, a lone ranger of the Shining Blade, who cast a salute my way and disappeared.

Although I’ve never been more grateful for the company of a “stray,” I can’t help but wondering if the rebel woodsman and his wolf frequently use lone travelers as bait to lure Peacekeepers. Such is the nature of life during wartime.

July 8th - Mantle army on the march, Ascalon settlement threatened


A massive White Mantle army now marches on Lion’s Arch to crush the Shining Blade, Salma, and the Lionguard. But before they reach their final destination, the White Mantle appear to have vengeance in mind.

Rebel scouts have reported that the White Mantle have swung towards the Ascalon Settlement in North Kryta Province. I fear that they may try to take revenge on the Ascalonian settlers there for the participation of the Ebon Vanguard in the rebel movement. As I write this account, Vanguard members Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray and Captain Langmar are en route to the Ascalon Settlement to evacuate their countrymen.

More on the situation as it develops.

July 8th - White Mantle Clash With Rebels, Royalists at Lion's Arch

War in LA.jpg

White Mantle troops, bolstered by their inhuman floating constructs and the foul favor of their Unseen gods, march on the capital. A coalition of allies have joined in defense of Princess Salma and all free Krytans – the Shining Blade, Ebon Vanguard, Lionguard, and numerous volunteer adventurers.

The trumpets sound. The field of battle is set. Today brings victory or death for the rebel cause.

July 12th - Victory! White Mantle Defeated

Downed Shining Blade.jpg

The White Mantle, the regime that has ruled Kryta since the charr invasion, has been defeated. The combined forces of the Shining Blade and Lionguard, with the aid of foreign volunteers, incredible asura technology, and the Ebon Vanguard, have finally broken the might of the religious cult in what will undoubtedly be referred to the Battle of Lion’s Arch.

“This is a glorious day for Krytans, and for freedom,” declared a bloodied Livia, the highest ranking survivor of the Shining Blade to the weary freedom fighters who gathered around her in the aftermath of battle. “All our suffering, all our pain – it’s all been for today.”

Through her representatives, Princess Salma has extended her congratulations and gratitude to all Krytans and our loyal friends for their great efforts in reclaiming Kryta. Salma will make a public proclamation in several days – those who know of such things are certain that she will be declared sovereign ruler of Kryta.

Now, healers tend to the wounded, soldiers bury their comrades, and many former rebels return to their farms and settlements. The war is over.

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  • The War Chronicles was published as the War in Kryta updates were rolled out, the dates being when the entries were published in 2010.
  • In May 17th's dialogue, Blimm's line of "Less Q Q, more pew pew." was a commonly used phrase on the internet.
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