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The Asura are a race of diminutive but incredibly intelligent humanoids who live beneath the surface of Tyria. They see the world as a complex magical machine, and their philosophy of "Eternal Alchemy" touches everything they do. Inventors, scientists, and spellcasters of every stripe, the Asura consider many other races beneath them—and are not afraid to tell them so at every opportunity.

It has been centuries since Asura were seen aboveground. In fact, until recently, many humans thought they were a myth. However, recent reports have confirmed their existence.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

The Asura are a short, big-eared subterranean race that has been forced to the surface by the rise of the Destroyer threat. They are the inventors and controllers of Golems and the Asura Gates. They have little respect for other races, viewing themselves better than others due to their intellect.

There appears to be little physical difference between male and female Asura. Males generally have pointed ears and females generally have rounded ears, however there are exceptions, such as Sokka, a male with round ears, and Jezza, a female with pointed ears. Oggy claims that Asura consider their ears to be of importance to show their worth; one of the reasons Florggi dislikes Oggy is because of his "teeny-tiny ears".

The only known Asuran word is "Bookah." Asuran writings are known to be half-mathematical and half-structured.[1]


Voice responses[edit]

Concept art by Doug Williams.

Rank 0-4 on the Asura rank title track:

  • "Here comes trouble."
  • "I'm busy."
  • "Oh great, another bookah."
  • "Why are you bothering me?"
  • "You need me?"

Rank 5-9 on the Asura rank title track:

  • "Can you be helped?"
  • "Most curious."
  • "What now?"
  • "What's your problem?"
  • "You aren't from around here."

Rank 10 on the Asura rank title track:

  • "Excelsior!"
  • "How can you help me?"
  • "Ah, another opportunity."
  • "Good day, bookah."
  • "Hello, my foolish friend."



  • There is an Asura miniature.
  • Enchantment clouds appear above their mid-section.


  • Early concept art depicts the Asura as much more stout, goblin-like creatures.
  • Asura are mythical beings within Hinduism, Buddhism, and Indo-Iranian folklore.

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