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Asura rank
Eternal Bookah.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Title type Character

Asura rank is gained per character by earning Asuran reputation points. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument upon attaining rank 10.

Asura rank title track[edit]

Tier Title Reputation points Max energy
1 Not Too Smelly (1) 1,000 +7
2 Not Too Dopey (2) 4,000 +9
3 Not Too Clumsy (3) 8,000 +11
4 Not Too Boring (4) 16,000 +13
5 Not Too Annoying (5) 26,000 +15
6 Not Too Grumpy (6) 40,000 +15
7 Not Too Silly (7) 56,000 +15
8 Not Too Lazy (8) 80,000 +15
9 Not Too Foolish (9) 110,000 +15
10 Not Too Shabby (10) 160,000 +15
  • One hero skill point is awarded for attaining each rank.
  • Used as the attribute for Asura skills.
  • Upon attaining rank 1 (Not Too Smelly), talk to Lexx to obtain the Edification Edification title effect.
  • NPC services in Rata Sum:
    • Rank 3 (Not Too Clumsy) - Kwat (Consumables)
    • Rank 4 (Not Too Boring) - Nojj (Weaponsmith)
    • Rank 5 (Not Too Annoying) - Klub (Armor)

Additional dialogue[edit]

This dialogue is added to Resurrection Shrine Krewe Members in the Asuran map areas once the PC has reached the rank of "Not too smelly" but before the character acquires Edification.

"Your reputation for competence is unusual for a human. It's hard to believe a bookah capable of such things; practically inconceivable, if you even know what that word means. Just to make sure everything checks out, talk to Lexx [Asuran Talent Scout] in Rata Sum. He can sort reputation from reality."


Asura reputation points can be earned by:

Characters who have reached rank 8 in the title (Not Too Lazy) can no longer accumulate Asura reputation points in Normal mode except through quest rewards and receive Veteran Asuran Bodyguard instead of Asuran Bodyguard when they speak to a bounty NPC in Normal mode. To achieve ranks 9 and 10, the points must be earned in Hard mode or through quests. If you plan to max this title on a character, consider waiting until that character is at least rank 8 before vanquishing areas in the Tarnished Coast and for a Northern Support weekly bonus before turning in secondary quests that reward Asura reputation points.

Farming Asura points[edit]

Arbor Bay[edit]

  • Don't collect additional shrine blessings until you have reached 150+ kills (the optimum points)
  • For bosses do one of the following
    • Leave the bosses alone until you have 250 kills+ (you will get 300 reputation per kill)
    • Rush for a boss if someone triggers Boss Bounty; this is only worthwhile if you have made 100+ kills
    • Wait for 250+ kills and then follow Boss Bounties. That way, you get +500 (+200 from Boss Bounty, +300 from kill bonus)
    • Also, you can wait for a rampage bonus and then kill a boss. The rampage will stack with the given points of killing a boss. For example, a boss is normally worth 300 points, but with rampage, you will receive 600 points.
  • There's a good synergy with the quest O Brave New World. Abandon the quest after each run. Not only are there a ton of destroyers, there's also a Destroyer boss worth 300 points.

Get the Asuran Bodyguard from Big Machine Krewe Member, then work your way through the southern sections towards the east. Circle around the upper outside of the water area from east, south then west, clear the water area, then work to clear west. Be cautious in the water area as Wind Riders will stream in on you.

Completed run is about 400 kills and a few thousand points.

Riven Earth (raptor farming)[edit]

  • Sometimes, a chest will spawn at the eastern end of this cave (away from Rekoff) or outside the cave; you can scan for it while aggroing the nestlings or after finishing the eastern-most mob (if not farming the boss). Be wary of the raptor patrol, if you leave the cave.
  • While the farm is intended for one person, it is common for people to bring a full party. The seven leechers receive the same Asura reputation points but no drops. The rate at which the leechers gain points depends not only on the skill of the farmer but also on their profession; the rates probably vary from about 1 point/second to about 4.5 points/second.
Bug Bug.During certain holiday events some runs will produce Mesmer and Monk tomes instead of assassin. [verification requested]

After receiving Asuran Bodyguard, the leechers wait by the portal back to Rata Sum while the runner heads south to the cave of Rekoff Broodmother and her nestlings. The runner then gathers the nestlings and boss and kills them, maintaining their defensive skills to keep from being damaged or interrupted. When the runner indicates they are ready, one of the other party members zones back to Rata Sum to repeat. There are many builds that can farm raptors, including the popular Warrior/Necromancer combo and Earth Magic Elementalists.

Each run is a maximum of 41 kills including the boss, but can be done very fast. Can earn up to 187 points: 82 from kills, 75 from boss, and 30 from bonus. If you get the rampage bonus you can also earn extra points.

Beacon Running[edit]

A great way for the leecher to gain some extra points is to run to other Resurrection Points and accept its bonus Asura Points. Start by grabbing the bodyguard from the Sky Krewe Member outside of Rata Sum. Then travel north towards the Golem Foundry (a long-term running skill helps). Avoid the two groups of spiders that spawn (and avoid their Snaring Web). Cross the Golem Foundry to find another krewe member, close to Sokka. Grab an additional bonus points after the farmer has clocked 25 kills.

Then you can travel east towards the bridge and run up the hill, past the Redhand Simians and towards the Destroyers. When you reach the top of the hill, travel south towards a third krewe member for one more set of bonus points. (Careful: the Destroyers can be dangerous in large numbers, so bring damage reduction or healing.)


  • For title skills, Asura rank translates to effective attribute rank as follows:
Asura rank 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Effective attribute rank 0 3 6 9 12 15 15 15 15 15 15

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