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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the title for experience gained without death. For the health-boosting armor upgrade, see Survivor Insignia.

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Campaign Core
Title type Character

Survivor is a prestige title earned by avoiding death. Those who accumulate 1,337,500 consecutive points of experience without dying can display a statue in the Hall of Monuments.


Tier Title Experience gained between deaths
1 Survivor 140,600
2 Indomitable Survivor 587,500
3 Legendary Survivor 1,337,500

This title measures your greatest amount of consecutive experience gained without dying.

  • The special command "/deaths" shows the amount of experience since your last death.
  • The Hero Panel (default key, [H]) shows the greatest continuous amount of experience gained without dying.
    • If you die, the number in the hero panel will remain the same until your current progress surpasses the amount shown on the bar.
    • After you reach the first tier (140,600), you have the option of displaying the title underneath the character's name.

This title is often dubbed as "the second Lucky title" because of the possibility that the character might die due to lag, loss of network connection, bugs or computer crashes.

Optimized Walkthrough[edit]

See also: Guide to Legendary Survivor for a detailed walkthrough

Types of deaths[edit]

Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg Only deaths that increase the /deaths counter will halt progress in the Survivor title track.

Deaths that do not reset progress[edit]

These type of deaths do not reset Survivor progress.

  • Ending or exiting deaths:
    • Deaths due to mission failure (i.e. due to loss of mission-critical NPCs or locations)
    • Resignation (using /resign).
  • Special situations
    • Losing all health while brawling (however, you will die if you fail to STAND UP or resign before passing out).
    • Deaths incurred during missions from the Bonus Mission Pack.

Deaths that always reset progress[edit]

The following deaths will reset Survivor progress:

Death when not actively playing[edit]

The following situations will incur a death which will reset the Survivor title:

  • Dying during certain mission cinematics, most notably the one at the end of Vizunah Square, during which time any party minions become unbound and then attack team members.
    • To avoid such deaths, skip a cinematic the moment you see your character being attacked by minions (or other foes). If someone in your group fails to skip, close Guild Wars immediately.
  • If your character experiences one of the deaths which reset the progress toward the Survivor title while you are in a state of disconnection (connection is lost, but you are still logged in), the death will still occur and reset the Survivor title.


  • Deaths and experience when adventuring with a Mercenary Hero with the same name as a Survivor candidate has no effect on the status of that character.


  • The first four numbers of the maximum rank in the title are 1337, which is the Leetspeak term for elite.
  • You will earn 98 skill points over the course of maximizing this title, starting from character creation, without deaths along the way. Divided into 22 skill points for reaching the leveling cap threshold, and another 76 skill points to reach 1,337,500 experience.
    • Similarly, approximately 89 skill points are attained when maximizing this title after reaching the levelling cap threshold, and having died since.
    • For survivors since character creation, the amount 1,337,500 will come 100xp short of the last experience bar to the 99th skill point.
  • Prior to the March 3, 2011 update a character was required to accumulate all 1,337,500 experience points without any death from the time of character creation. Any character death before that point meant that the player had to attempt this again from the beginning on a new character. That update made it so that progress would merely be reset to 0 instead, allowing the same character another chance to achieve the title.

Previously, the Survivor title tracked how much experience a player earned until their first death. When that character died, his progress was frozen. If the title was not maxed, the player needed to start an entirely new character in order to try again. If a character died, it often led to some very unfortunate circumstances beyond a player's control. A lag spike, a power outage, or an impromptu conga line could invalidate countless hours or days of work. There were also vast legions of characters who existed and were well established in the world long before this title was implemented; they almost certainly never obtained it.

With that in mind, we made some changes to the functionality of the title. In the new version, the title tracks the experience that characters gain until they die. In the event of their untimely passing, your title will maintain its current rank; to progress it further, you'll need to start over. For example, let's say that your character achieves the second rank of the Survivor title before dying. Your title-track progress will still display second rank as your current best. To achieve third rank, however, you'll be starting over again from zero experience. This lets you try again without throwing away a character that you've already put so much into. The amount of experience required to achieve the max rank of the Survivor title has not changed.

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