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Disambig icon.png This article is about the title for experience gained without death. For the health-boosting armor upgrade, see Survivor Insignia.
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Campaign Core
Title type Character
Survivor is a prestige title earned by avoiding death. Those who accumulate 1,337,500 consecutive points of experience without dying can display a statue in the Hall of Monuments.


Tier Title Experience gained between deaths
1 Survivor 140,600
2 Indomitable Survivor 587,500
3 Legendary Survivor 1,337,500

This title measures your greatest amount of consecutive experience gained without dying.

  • The special command "/deaths" shows the amount of experience since your last death.
  • The Hero Panel (default key, [H]) shows the greatest continuous amount of experience gained without dying.
    • If you die, the number in the hero panel will remain the same until your current progress surpasses the amount shown on the bar.
    • After you reach the first tier (140,600), you have the option of displaying the title underneath the character's name.

This title is often dubbed as "the second Lucky title" because of the possibility that the character might die due to lag, loss of network connection, bugs or computer crashes.

Types of deaths[edit]

Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg Only deaths that increase the /deaths counter will halt progress in the Survivor title track.

Deaths that do not reset progress[edit]

These type of deaths do not reset Survivor progress.

  • Ending or exiting deaths:
    • Deaths due to mission failure (i.e. due to loss of mission-critical NPCs or locations)
    • Resignation (using /resign).
  • Special situations
    • Losing all health while brawling (however, you will die if you fail to STAND UP or resign before passing out).
    • Deaths incurred during missions from the Bonus Mission Pack.

Deaths that always reset progress[edit]

The following deaths will reset Survivor progress:

Death when not actively playing[edit]

The following situations will incur a death which will reset the Survivor title :

  • Dying during certain mission cinematics, most notably the one at the end of Vizunah Square, during which time any party minions become unbound and then attack team members.
    • To avoid such deaths, skip a cinematic the moment you see your character being attacked by minions (or other foes). If someone in your group fails to skip, close Guild Wars immediately.
  • If your character experiences one of the deaths which reset the progress toward the Survivor title while you are in a state of disconnection (connection is lost, but you are still logged in), the death will still occur and reset the Survivor title.

Survival Guide[edit]

After deciding that you want to pursue this title, plan your progression to optimize your gain of experience points.

  • Avoid claiming quest rewards, since those can provide you with tons of thousands of experience and have no risk of getting yourself killed. For specific quests, see Where to find XP (below) or Category:High XP Reward.
  • Take as many Zaishen Quests as possible at the Embark Beach. Those quests can provide thousands of additionnal experience for little to no additionnal effort if you are planning to do the corresponding mission, bounty or vanquish soon.
  • Take Storybooks. They provide an extremely helpful high amount of experience. Storybooks are so helpful that if you store them and fill new additional ones the total amount of experience they yield can allow you to get the title by itself.

Preparation tips[edit]

  • Have as much armor rating as possible, and also as much health (Rune of Vigor and Runes of Vitae, Survivor Insignias and high-health weapon set) as possible. This will make foes less likely to target you, will reduce greatly the damage you take and also allow you more time to avoid death if needed.
  • Avoid joining a Pick-up Group (PUG) — as the only human player, you will be free to use any escape method at any given time.
    • If adventuring with other players nevertheless, remind the team of your status and give the party a chance to decide if they want a survivor in the group; not every group is willing to chance someone exiting at a key moment. Some players also might lack good team work or might be unwilling or unable to put in the effort to protect you or even deliberately try to get you killed to foil your attempt at the title : ask your friends to help out. Guild and alliance members are more likely to be supportive than PUGs.
  • Avoid high-risk areas, missions. Avoid taking quests. This is especially important if you have very few knowledge of the place and walkthrough of said mission or quest, even if there is a high experience reward at stake. Taking a quest often affect spawns, especially in high-end and elite areas.
  • You can also bring :
    • A running skill to move out of danger quickly and also to pull mobs towards your heroes.
    • An emergency skill to protect you long enough to map out, make you a less attractive target, or help you escape the immediate danger. Such skills include Shadow Form, Vow of Silence or Death's Retreat.
    • A self-heal of some form to help you not to rely entirely on your healers (who might be dead or otherwise occupied).
    • A resurrection skill to resurrect your team if your other team members are dead.

Playing tips[edit]

  • Control your aggro. Always pull opposing groups (using a Longbow or Shortbow, this gives your team the initiative and wastes some of your opponent's preparatory actions such as setting traps) then fall back. Be more defensive than aggressive; this gives you more time to react, allowing you a chance to escape, exit, or turn the tide of battle. Use your heroes, henchmen, minions, spirits, summoned allies and pets as a decoy as much as possible. Don't expose yourself too much, especially if you have a low armor rating. Don't hesitate to log out if experiencing over-aggro.
  • Target the enemy damage dealers first. Casters such as ritualists, mesmers and elementalists (the latter of which are always damage-dealers) are the most dangerous ones. Melee foes are a much lesser threat since you can kite to avoid their attacks but try to snare them or blind/weaken them to greatly reduce their ability to sweep. Do not expose your team by rushing towards the enemy's backline (e.g. monks).
    • Bosses and boss-like foes deal double damage and have halved casting time : they can kill a character before the player has the time to log out. This is especially true when facing elementalist bosses and when capturing elite skills. Protective skills such as Protective Spirit or Protective Bond can allow to sponge the damage.
  • Flagging heroes is good to avoid having them to die due to AoE damage but avoid doing it too much : if you forget that you flagged your heroes, you may engage a group of foes on your own and quickly get killed.
  • Calling targets is good to focus your heroes' attention on one target in order to deliver a spike, but bear in mind that the AI tends to attack the caller.
  • Do not go afk in an explorable area or during a mission if you might be attacked by foes.

General tips[edit]

  • Follow the storyline : not only will you get experience from completing quests, missions and killing foes, but you'll also be able to fill storybooks and complete Zaishen Missions.
  • Avoid solo quests and more generally areas where you have no healer or where your healers may not be able to help you survive, unless there is a high experience reward at stake.

Increase your experience gain[edit]

  • Air of Superiority gives you a 20% chance to double experience gained from killing foes.
  • Hard Mode increases foes' level and give an experience bonus, but foes are a bit harder to defeat and deal more damage.
  • Use XP scrolls in areas where monsters are plentiful.
  • Capture elite skills after you reach Level 20 to maximize the experience gained at 5,000.
  • Similarly, hold off on claiming experience rewards from quests until you reach L20 so that you maximize the gains from killing lower level foes.
  • In Nightfall, use bounties to get double experience from kills (and, as a bonus, you also progress in Sunspear or Lightbringer titles).

Escaping death[edit]

Always have an escape plan ready and execute it whenever you feel threatened; if you wait until things are dire, you could lose the title due to lag.

Fast, but subject to lag[edit]

Two common techniques are subject to lag, but are safer than running away.

  • Warp out: either to Guild Hall (default key: [G]) or to an outpost. (Guild Hall is slightly faster, if for no other reason than you don't have to search for a destination).
  • Log out your character (default key: [F12]): possibly faster than warping, but some believe you can continue to suffer degeneration until you re-enter the game.


These methods are worse than any of the others:

  • Disconnecting
  • Exiting the game.

In both cases, Guild Wars will wait 15 minutes for you to reconnect, allowing foes and degeneration to finish you off.

Where to find XP[edit]

Experience farms[edit]

These XP farms are currently popular for maximizing the title quickly.

High-risk, high-yield farms
  • (Nightfall) Farming titans during Gate of Madness (can be done while afk) yields approximately 4,000 XP/minute in hard mode using experience scrolls or about five/six hours to maximize the title.
  • (EotN) Farming Spectral Vaettir in Jaga Moraine takes about three minutes and yields ~18,000 XP per run in hard mode (300-400kxp/hour). See also: Guide to vaettir farming
  • (EotN) Farming raptors outside Rata Sum yields approximately 10,000 XP/minute. However one should beware of the assassin boss' high damage output.
  • (Core) Completing all quests in the Fissure of Woe yields 100,000 XP (in addition to the experience gained from killing foes). Can be easily managed using 7 heroes and/or consumables.
Eye of the North
  • Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza!: 8,400xp each round (~51,000 XP/hour), in normal mode without scrolls. In Hard mode, this increases to 20,000 XP per run without scrolls; or up to 44,000 XP per run using +300% experience scrolls. These are safe for survivors provided you STAND UP! after getting knocked out. If you think you might not get back up in time, travel to an outpost to avoid dying.
  • Snow Wurms outside Boreal Station: 1,300 XP/solo run (9,750 XP/hour for 9 min. runs) in normal mode without scrolls; up to 10,500 XP per run (126,000 XP/hour for 5 min. runs) in hard mode using scrolls. This farm is popular due to its low risk and because it combines well with the Treasure and Wisdom titles.
  • There are two quest items that can be farmed in advance (or purchased from other players).
  • (Hearts of the North) Rise is repeatable and yields 5,000 XP each (among other rewards). Any deaths while disguised as Keiran Thackeray will stop progress in the title.
  • (Winds of Change) Cantha Courier Crisis provides ~135,000 XP/hour through foe deaths, using experience scrolls in normal mode. (Recommended for experienced players. The quest is not repeatable, so it must be abandoned and retaken.)

High yield reward quests[edit]

See also: Category:High XP Reward and List of high xp reward quests
  • 5,000 XP/elite skill when capturing elite skills. Beware especially of elementalist bosses, as they almost always carry powerful AoE spells.
  • 50,000 XP: Zinn's Task, requires M.O.X. and each of the main campaigns.
  • Combine with other titles or with farming, such as faction farming, e.g. for Sunspear ranks.
  • Storybooks yield substantial amounts of XP and gold, especially if you were planning on completing each game story.
    • Collect multiple copies of the same book (you need between 11 to 30, depending on the book.
    • Save the books as you go through each campaign and every dungeon, for over 750k XP.
    • Save a few books to help you top off the last nerve-wracking 100–300k XP.
Eye of the North

In addition to experience, these repeatable quests also reward substantial amounts of gold and seasonal items.

  • During Halloween:
    • Every Bit Helps rewards 10,000 XP/run and presents no risk. The title can be maxed by capturing 402 skeletons ahead of time. (However, use caution: many players find the prerequisite quest to be deadly.)
  • During Wintersday:
    • Snowball Dominance can be completed with a hero. It takes 268 runs to max the Survivor title (approximately 9 to 12 hours, depending on your primary profession). Very effective for rangers due to their skill Flurry of Ice.
    • Fighting in a Winter Wonderland in Hard Mode yields 7,500 XP/run, which an experienced group of eight players can finish in 3.5 minutes or less; pick-up groups are easy to find during the event. It takes 179 runs to maximize the title, or around 10 hours at peak efficiency.

See also[edit]


  • You will earn 98 skill points over the course of maximizing this title, starting from character creation, without deaths along the way. Divided into 22 skill points for reaching the leveling cap threshold, and another 76 skill points to reach 1,337,500 experience.
    • Similarly, approximately 89 skill points are attained when maximizing this title after reaching the levelling cap threshold, and having died since.
  • Adventuring with a Mercenary Hero with the same name as a Survivor candidate has no effect on the status of that character; the fact that the names are the same is a coincidence (arranged by the player).


  • The first four numbers of the maximum rank in the title are 1337, which is the Leetspeak term for elite.
  • For survivors since character creation, the amount 1,337,500 is slightly less than a full experience bar. To fill the bar, you need to get 1,337,600 experience.
  • The March 3, 2011 update changed the title from counting experience starting when the character was first created to counting starting from the last death.
    • This was among the more frustrating and nerve-wracking titles to pursue, as you had to accumulate all 1,337,500 experience points without any deaths.
    • This change also made it possible to obtain both Survivor and Defender of Ascalon; previously, the titles were mutually exclusive since the only way to reach level 20 (in pre-Searing) had been through death leveling.

Previously, the Survivor title tracked how much experience a player earned until their first death. When that character died, his progress was frozen. If the title was not maxed, the player needed to start an entirely new character in order to try again. If a character died, it often led to some very unfortunate circumstances beyond a player's control. A lag spike, a power outage, or an impromptu conga line could invalidate countless hours or days of work. There were also vast legions of characters who existed and were well established in the world long before this title was implemented; they almost certainly never obtained it.

With that in mind, we made some changes to the functionality of the title. In the new version, the title tracks the experience that characters gain until they die. In the event of their untimely passing, your title will maintain its current rank; to progress it further, you'll need to start over. For example, let's say that your character achieves the second rank of the Survivor title before dying. Your title-track progress will still display second rank as your current best. To achieve third rank, however, you'll be starting over again from zero experience. This lets you try again without throwing away a character that you've already put so much into. The amount of experience required to achieve the max rank of the Survivor title has not changed.

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