Sulfurous Haze

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Environment Effect. No mortal can survive the Sulfurous Haze.

Concise description

Environment Effect. No mortal can survive the Sulfurous Haze.


  • This environment effect is received by walking over the yellowy sands anywhere in the Desolation.
  • As with many other mechanical deaths, Sulfurous Haze does not inflict Death Penalty or increase a character's death count.
  • Affects characters, henchmen, and heroes. Characters in Junundu, pets, and summoned creatures are immune to this effect and can safely travel across it.
  • Although the effect description states that no mortal can survive the haze, the effect is not instantaneous, allowing players to run the Desolation outside of a Junundu (see Guide to the Desolation run for details).
    • The effect is applied only once every 2 seconds; it is removed from characters on non-sulfurous ground.
    • Affected characters die only if they are standing on the sulfur when the effect is reapplied, allowing players to have just under four seconds of survivability on the sulfur, if they time their movements well.


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