Death Penalty

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You have been weakened by death.

Concise description

You have been weakened by death.


Death Penalty (DP) is an effect that decreases a character's maximum health and energy by 1-60%. It is acquired by dying and can be reduced by gaining experience in PvE and killing enemies in PvP, countered by Morale Boosts, or removed by consumables.

In Hard mode, Resurrection Shrines will not work if every party member has 60% Death Penalty; a wipe will return your team to the last town or outpost.


  • Each time a character dies they suffer a 15% DP in post-Searing PvE and many PvP areas. Consecutive deaths stack, up to a maximum of 60%. Pets in PvP suffer DP, but not those in PvE.
  • The monster skill Touch of Dhuum inflicts 15% Death Penalty.


Certain types of death never result in DP:


Death Penalty can be removed, reduced, or countered in several ways.

Gameplay Mechanics[edit]

Death Penalty is reset

  • when the party enters an outpost.
  • when the party resigns, even if the resign doesn't move the party to an outpost.
  • between PvP matches.

Death Penalty can be reduced:

  • In PvP, killing an enemy player removes 2% DP for each living teammate.
  • In PvE, gaining 75 experience will remove 1% DP: killing enemies (bosses give double XP plus a 2% morale boost), completing a vanquish or quest all count.

Morale Boosts[edit]

Main article: Morale Boost

Morale boosts will counter the amount of Death Penalty. If the boost amount is greater than the penalty, the difference is added as a Morale Boost.



These consumables will remove Death Penalty from the user:

These consumables benefit the entire party:


  • Although Morale Boosts are countered by Death Penalty, they are not strictly opposites:
    • Morale Boosts are capped at +10%, Death Penalty at -60%.
    • Gaining experience and certain consumables will remove Death Penalty, but will not provide or increase your Morale Boost.
  • Death Penalty does not affect PvE enemies, minions, spirits, or pets (with some exceptions), though pets can accumulate Death Penalty in PvP.