The Crag

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The Crag
The Crag.jpg
Region Ring of Fire Islands
Victory condition Kill Count
Party size 4
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk Resurrection Shrine
Effect Lava

Only the best of the best dare step into the Crag. Located at the edge of the Ring of Fire, this arena was designed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

— Description

The Crag is one of the maps in rotation in Random Arenas and Codex Arena and is unique in that it is the only map in which the objective is Kill Count.

Players on one side of this map start in a cave, while their opponents start on a patch of ground bounded by uncrossable lava. When the match begins, the cave opens and a bridge of igneous rocks rises out of the lava. Players of both parties entering the map battleground will then see the same set of features. Ledges exist to their left and right and paths downward in the center and to both sides. There is a pool of lava and two Resurrection Shrines on the left which resurrect dead players. One shrine is closer to the edge of the map and the other hugs a lava flow that cuts through the center of the map. There are two bridges which cross the lava on the far left and right of the map.


Score more kills than the opposing party before time runs out.

  • If you die, you will be resurrected automatically.

— in-game description

The victorious party is the one that kills the most opponents within 3 minutes. Sudden death occurs if the kill count is tied at the end of the time limit and whichever party scores the next kill wins.

Common tactics/tips[edit]

  • Because of the shrine resurrection on this map, timekills are especially important: killing a foe immediately before a shrine resurrection can force the other party to play without them until they rejoin the fight, and killing a foe immediately after a shrine res forces the other party to resurrect them or play without them.
  • Players should generally avoid going through the lava, and, when possible, attempt to keep it between themselves and melee characters.
  • Dead players are resurrected at the shrines every 30 seconds. As such, it is not uncommon for a winning party to camp the opposing party's shrine.
  • Alternatively, if your party is in the lead, you can easily keep your lead by avoiding any confrontation with the other party.
  • Because of the tiebreaker mechanic on this map, fragile parties with high damage output can wait until Sudden Death and attempt to spike out a member of the opposing party before they're pressured out.
  • It is common for players using the Melandru's Resilience skill to camp in the lava, gaining 2 pips of energy regeneration and 1 pip of health regeneration, but sacrificing mobility. Fortunately, while in the lava, kiting from enemies is rarely a problem, as only the occasional shadow-stepping Assassin or other users of Melandru's Resilience will risk entering the lava to attack you.


  • When resurrected at the resurrection shrine, players will be immune to all hostile sources for 3 seconds.
  • If both parties score a kill within 1 second of each other during Sudden Death, the match will result in a draw and both parties will lose.
  • Deaths on this map does not cause Death Penalty.
Anomaly Anomaly.After the September 27th, 2007 update this is the only arena which is not forced to resolution in case of a tie.


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