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A Relic Run is a PvP objective exclusive to Heroes' Ascent which involves picking up a relic and bringing to either your Ghostly Hero or the center altar. It can be compared to "capture the flag" in other games. Only two maps use the Relic objective (Unholy Temples and The Hall of Heroes).

Sacred Temples was a relic run map before it was removed from circulation in the August 2nd, 2007 game update.


  • The team with the most points when the timer runs out wins.
  • If two teams are tied when time runs out, the team who most recently gained a point wins.

Unholy Temples[edit]

  • Each relic spawns in its own team's base.
  • To gain a point, you must go to the other team's base, pick up their relic, and bring it back to your Ghostly Hero.
  • You cannot hold your own team's relic. However, if you pick up your own relic, it will be returned to its spawning point.
  • A team automatically wins if they have 3 more points than the other team.

The Hall of Heroes[edit]

  • Each relic spawns outside its team's base, except the defending team's relic, which spawns at their resurrection shrine.
  • To gain a point, bring your own relic to the central shrine.
  • You cannot hold other teams' relics. However, if you pick up another team's relic, it will be returned to its spawning point.