Heroes' Ascent

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest.
Heroes' Ascent
Heroes' Ascent (exit).jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Party size 8

Heroes' Ascent, also known as HA, is a continuous global tournament between teams of 8 players from all over the world. Teams compete in several arenas in sequence before finally meeting in the Hall of Heroes, where they may win valuable loot. Every victory in the Heroes' Ascent (except the Elite Zaishen Battle) awards fame to the victorious team, which progresses their Hero title track.


The Hall of Heroes has 9 Arenas, 1 qualification round and 1 waiting area:

  1. The Elite Zaishen Battle
  2. The Underworld
  3. Fetid River
  4. Burial Mounds
  5. Unholy Temples
  6. Forgotten Shrines
  7. Golden Gates
  8. The Courtyard
  9. The Antechamber
  10. The Vault
  11. The Hall of Heroes

Additionally, the following maps are currently out of rotation:


Balthazar faction
Unique kill 40
Victory 200-800
Flawless 200
Victory 1-40
  • There is a 300 fame cap per day. The cap is doubled during the Heroes' Ascent weekly bonus.
  • Players will also receive a Hero's Strongbox after every three consecutive wins. There is a five Hero's Strongboxes cap per day.
  • Winning in the Hall of Heroes also gives every player in the team a chance to open the Chest.


  • Your party may bring up to seven henchmen into this mission.
  • International districts usually contain higher concentrations of players than other districts.
  • Tips for getting into teams:
    • Having higher ranking in the Hero title track may help as rank discrimination is periodically encountered.
    • Having more campaigns and more skills unlocked for use will expand your build possibilities.
    • Try to learn and use more popular/requested builds and/or professions.
    • Play with your friends, guild or other players close to your rank.
  • If a character leaves the party during a match and there is at least one character remaining in the party, a Zaishen henchman will replace the character that left upon loading the next match.
  • Hall of Heroes matches are 12 minutes long, and start on the hour, and at 12, 24, 36, and 48 minutes past. Therefore a properly timed win can be used for a Halls skip.
    • The Courtyard is on a 3 minute timer (matches start every 3 minutes.) The Antechamber and The Vault are both on a 6 minute timer.


  • Burial Mounds and Scarred Earth used to host 6 teams of 8 players each, for a total of 48 players, making those areas the most populated non-town instances in Guild Wars history.
  • The global tournament used to be located in the Crystal Desert at the Tomb of the Primeval Kings ("tombs"). The Tombs were renamed to Heroes' Ascent and moved to the new Battle Isles during the Factions PvP Preview Event.
    • For this reason, Heroes' Ascent is also sometimes known as "Tombs" or "Tombing", usually by people who participated in PvP in the old location. However, "Tombs" more commonly refers the the aforementioned outpost and the set of 4 explorable areas than can be accessed from it.
  • The party size changed several times: In the October 5, 2006 update it was set to 6 players and reverted on March 29, 2007 update to 8 players again.
  • The September 25, 2014 update increased the number of henchmen allowed in the party from two to seven.

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