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Antechamber icon.jpg
Region The Mists
Victory condition Capture Points
Party size 8
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None


Antechamber is the eigth and last PvP map in the global tournament before going into The Hall of Heroes. The Vault comes after Antechamber occasionally, but it is simply a waiting room for halls.

This map replaced Sacred Temples for Heroes' Ascent in the August 2, 2007 update. It is an 8v8 Capture Points map.


Map Layout[edit]

Antechamber is a linear capture points map, meaning the five capture points are arranged in a straight line. This map's layout, however, is anything but simple.

The map is symmetrical through the central capture point. On the far sides of the map are each teams' resurrection shrines, which also serve as capture points. In front of each of those shrines is another capture point, and in front of those points is a closed gate leading to the central point. The gates can be opened by walking up the nearby steps and standing on the gate lock. There is also a gate lock in the center room, which can be used if anyone needs to leave the central point.

Teams may run up any set of stairs near the locked gates to get to a walkway which leads to the stairs on the other side of the map (and to the gate locks). This walkway is useful for sneaking a small team across the map to capture shrines belonging to the other team.

Map Mechanics[edit]

Capture points works similarly to Alliance Battles.

  • Each person you bring near a capture point adds one pip of momentum towards capturing that point. A Ghostly Hero adds 4 pips. You can't have more than 4 pips while capturing a shrine.
  • If two teams are competing for a shrine, each pip the controlling team has reduces the enemy's capture momentum by 1 pip. Therefore, the team with the most people near a given shrine will eventually capture it.
  • Every 30 seconds, each team gains one point for each shrine they control.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. If both teams are tied, the team which achieved the most recent kill wins.
  • If one team gets 20 more points than the other, they automatically win.
  • To capture a neutral shrine or neutralize a captured shrine, it takes 8 seconds with 4 pips.
  • Dead party members will be resurrected with full health and energy at their team's base every minute, even if another team is in possession of it.


  • Each member on the winning team gets 400 Balthazar Faction for winning, and an additional 200 if they achieved a Flawless Victory.
  • Each member of the winning team gains Fame depending on how many consecutive wins they have. See also Hero (title)
  • If not timed for a "Hall skip," the winning team will go to The Vault. Otherwise, they will proceed directly to The Hall of Heroes.


  • Gate Locks near the gates cannot be targeted, you must activate them by stepping on them.
  • The gates have a "cooldown" after they close. It takes about eight seconds to reopen a gate after it closes.

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