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A Capture Points map is one in which each team must attempt to gain control of as many "shrines" as possible and keep them. Some Heroes' Ascent maps and all Alliance Battle maps use Capture Points, though they work slightly differently.


  • Each player brought to a shrine will increase their "capture momentum" by 1 pip. In Heroes' Ascent, a Ghostly Hero will increase the capping momentum by 4 pips.
  • If two teams have players (or a Ghost) near the same shrine, each pip will cancel out an opposing pip. For example, if your team has a six players, and the opposing team has 8 players, the opposing team will capture that shrine at a momentum of 2 pips.
  • A shrine is considered "neutralized" if no team is controlling it. If a team tries to capture an already owned shrine, they must neutralize it first, in effect doubling the amount of time it takes to capture it.
  • If multiple teams are involved, the team with the most pips will be the "dominant" team, but it may still be possible for that shrine to have no momentum (For example, if Blue team has 5 people near it, and each of Red and Yellow team have 3, Blue Team will lose momentum until the shrine is completely neutralized. After it is neutral, no team has enough momentum to capture it).
  • Pets, Minions, and Spirits do not contribute pips.

Alliance Battles[edit]

  • To contribute a pip, a player must be within Aggro range of the center of the shrine. Many players will stand directly on the center, which is inefficient as it takes more time to move to the next shrine.
  • Once a shrine is captured, NPCs will spawn on it. These NPCs count as one pip of momentum each. Players may talk to "elite" NPCs to make them follow the player.
  • Teams gain one point for each shrine they own every 7 seconds.
  • Teams also gain one point for each player they kill on the opposing team. After a player dies, he typically resurrects about 10 seconds later in his base, or at the Resurrect Shrine if his team is controlling it.
  • Holding all 7 shrines for 60 seconds consecutively will cause that team's score to jump to 500 points.
  • The first team to achieve 500 points wins.

Heroes' Ascent[edit]

  • To contribute a pip, a player must be within Nearby range of the center of the shrine. Since each shrine is so tiny, Area of Effect skills can be key to capturing these shrines.
  • Teams gain one point for each shrine they own every 30 seconds.
  • Kills on the opposing team do not award points.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. If two teams are tied, the team controlling the most shrines wins. If two teams are tied for points and for shrines (only in Halls), the team who was most recently in the lead wins.

List of capture point maps[edit]