Resurrect Shrine

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Alliance battle resurrection shrine. For the other shrines, see Resurrection Shrine.
Resurrect Shrine
File:Resurrection Shrine (Alliance Battle).jpg
Type Control point
Campaign Factions

A Resurrect Shrine is a control point found in the Alliance battle maps. A player resurrects at the closest Resurrect Shrine 15 seconds after they have died. Each team base has one Resurrect Shrine guarded by Kurzick Base Defenders or Luxon Base Defenders depending on which team the shrine belongs to. Kaanai Canyon, Saltspray Beach, and the Ancestral Lands each have two Resurrect Shrines that can be captured by either team. Etnaran Keys and Grenz Frontier each have one Resurrect Shrine that can be captured by either team. The Resurrect Shrines that can be captured are guarded by a Kurzick Army Monk or Luxon Army Monk, but can also include two Kurzick/Luxon Army Mesmers or two Kurzick/Luxon Army Elementalists depending on the location of the shrine, the team that is holding that shrine, and the map.


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