Resurrection Shrine

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Resurrection Shrine
Resurrection Shrine.jpg
Type Shrine
Campaign Core

A Resurrection Shrine is a small glowing altar at which dead player parties resurrect, under the correct conditions. Shrines may also host NPCs that serve various functions, depending on the context.

Like signposts, shrines have a different appearance in each region, but in general they are some form of raised dais enclosed on three sides, large enough for a full party to stand on

Shrines are not active by default, but most explorable areas include a shrine close enough to each entrance portal that it is activated as soon as the party enters the area. Further shrines can be activated by approaching them, a white ball of light will appear as they activate. Most will activate near aggro range.

It can be useful to continually activate shrines near the front line of adventure, as the nearest activated shrine will receive the wiped party for resurrection.

The amenities of the shrines vary depending on which campaign they are in.

Functions and services[edit]

  • Arenas: Shrines are available on some maps, some require surviving priests to function.
  • When resurrected, all shrines provide you with Untouchable.


  • Grenth allows the existence of resurrection, especially for heroes so they may continue obtaining Favor. However, he has been known to withhold such a blessing (likely those he deems unworthy).
  • Shrines are generally inactive during missions. Most mission areas that do not double as explorable areas (e.g., missions in Prophecies) do not have shrines at all.
  • A few shrines exist that have been completely destroyed, and therefore can never be used. (ie: west side of the catacombs in Prophecies)
  • In some cases you must persuade or pay the keepers of shrine to activate it. If you don't, and you don't find a free shrine before a party wipe, you will be sent back to the last town or outpost you visited. This is generally a faction allegiance issue in Factions.
  • In Eye of the North's Depths of Tyria region, the Beacon of Droknar, an object-like NPC that appears as a free-floating ball of "active shrine resurrection light", provides both resurrection and Deldrimor blessing services.
  • Nearly all of Factions and Nightfall's statues are attached to shrines, thus, shrines are a handy indicator of the current status of the Favor of the Gods. If the world has favor, a god's statue will be radiating their full glory.
  • Each resurrection shrine has a different distance your party can be from it to show the "lighting" animation.
Bug Bug. Some shrines do not show the animation no matter the distance from them your party gets. See each map area's notes.
Shrine active
Shrine inactive

The statue at the shrine pictured above is of the god Balthazar, whose burning fire and shining eyes indicate that the world has the Favor of the Gods in both cases.