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Statue of Balthazar

Statues usually refer to a monument to one of the Gods of Tyria. These are large structures featuring a sculpture unique to each god. These statues usually double up as resurrection shrines as well.


Statue of Dwayna

These are large structures unique to each god. For example, Balthazar's statue is of himself in an upright pose, holding a sword. Melandru's statue is a tree. These statues change depending on whether the world has the Favor of the Gods or not. When it does, Balthazar's statue is on fire; when it does not, it is a plain rock statue. Melandru's statue will be alive, with running water and be in blossom when Favor of the Gods is active, and will be a dead plant when it is not.

Kneeling at the statues (using the "/kneel" emote) will summon an avatar of the god, who will bestow blessings upon you or your party for a small fee.

Effect of favor[edit]

Statue of Grenth

The appearance of the statues of the gods changes depending on whether the world has Favor of the Gods or not. Without favor, the statues look inert and are not animated. With favor, each of the statues becomes animated. When Favor of the Gods is lost, the statues apparently break up as they revert to their inanimate forms.

  • Balthazar - flames can be seen burning around the base of the statue
  • Dwayna - the stone segments are connected by the blue halo that surrounds the statue
  • Grenth - an aura of frost emanates from the statue
  • Lyssa - the normally dark stone become alight with the colors of the goddess
  • Melandru - the statue appears to be an actual tree with water cascading off it


Statue of Lyssa
  • At the base of some of these statues lies a scripture about the god. These are "mini-stories" of a sort and provide a fair amount of lore when read.

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