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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC avatars. For the dervish form skills, see Form.

An avatar is a physical manifestation of one of the Human Gods or other powerful beings on the world on Tyria into a visible form, shape, or essence, all of which appear to be spiritual in nature and grant blessings. Aside from the Human Gods each possessing a specific avatar form, the only other known being that can project themselves elsewhere is Glint.


  • Avatars can be summoned by kneeling (the /kneel emote) at shrines or statues dedicated to that being.

Religions of Tyria (edit)
The Six Human Gods Balthazar (statue)Dwayna (statue)Grenth (statue)Lyssa (statue)Melandru (statue)Kormir (statue)
Former and other deities Abaddon (statue)DhuumGreat DwarfMenziesOld GodsSpirits of the WildThree Queens
Entities of religion AvatarCelestial • Charr gods (Titans | Destroyers) • DruidEnvoyFacetGlintUnseen Ones
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