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Tyria (world)

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Fan-created map of Tyria, with calendar reference and key. Location distances and sizes estimated based on in-game dialogue and official lore.
Disambig icon.png This article is about the world named Tyria. For information on the eponymous continent, see Tyria.

Tyria, not to be confused with the continent of the same name, is the name of the planet on which most of the Guild Wars series takes place. It is the home of many sentient species, such as the humans, Asura, Dwarves, and Norn, among others. The timeline places its age over 11,000 years old, when the Giganticus Lupicus last roamed the world, however, the earliest known human life did not appear until 786 BE. There are three known continents and an unknown amount of unexplored ones. Beneath Tyria runs a subterranean network of tunnels, linked by the Asura Gates.


Only three of Tyria's continents are explored in-game: Tyria, the namesake continent, Cantha, home to the Empire of the Dragon, and Elona, Land of the Golden Sun. In the Unending Ocean between the three continents lie the Battle Isles, a small island chain ruled by the Zaishen Order where elite warriors train in the name of their patron god, Balthazar.


The northern continent of Tyria is filled with grand mountain ranges, dense forests and jungles, and ruins of once-mighty empires. To the east lie the scorched Ruins of Ascalon and the Charr Homelands, locked in a seemingly endless war for territory stretching back to before the Exodus. Ascalon lies in the middle of two mountain ranges: the Blazeridge to the east and the Shiverpeaks to the west. The Shiverpeaks stretch to the northernmost reaches of the continent, dividing Tyria in half. West of the Shiverpeaks lies Kryta, the only human kingdom not devastated by the Charr invasion. Further west lies the Maguuma Jungle and the Tarnished Coast. Further west lies a coast, though that remains off of the known map.

South of Ascalon lies the Crystal Desert, a land that was once a sea and is now said to be made up of millions of crystals. To the west of the Crystal Desert lies the shattered peninsula of Orr, where the abandoned city of the gods once stood before the Cataclysm. Now all that remains of Arah lies on the seabed. Beyond the Strait of Malchor lies the Ring of Fire Island Chain, a constantly active volcano island chain.


Southwest of Tyria across the Clashing Seas is the continent of Cantha. To an outsider it would seem that in comparison with the namesake continent, the Empire of the Dragon prospers, although that is true only in some ways. The reality is that Kaineng City is a dirty, overpopulated metropolis, with slums filled with vermin and crime; a place where the rich are ignorant in their luxury, and the poor only suffer.

Shing Jea Island (Shing Jea being Old Canthan for Shining Jewel) is comprised mainly of farmland that produces food for the entire continent and offers some respite, although even this island has its own problems. Tensions run high between humans and the Angchu and Sensali Tengu, who have long resented the presence of humans. Farmers must also contend with Naga and Yetis, making even this seemingly tranquil island a difficult place to live.

South of Kaineng City lies the two vassals of the Empire. These two groups of people are stuck in a seemingly never-ending hatred for one another. The Kurzicks and the Luxons have been at each others' throats since Yian Zho's reign, a feud which has not been helped by the Jade Wind, which turned their territories to stone in 1382 CC. This plunged the two factions into further conflict over suddenly scarce resources - and over the new resources of amber and jade.


Finally, to the southeast of Tyria and northeast of Cantha lies Elona, the Land of the Golden Sun. The island of Istan is known for its navy, though Corsairs constantly raid its settlements. Istan contains the oldest known ruins of Elona, while the land itself is lush with plantlife. Across the sea on the body of water is Kourna, a savannah land once ruled by a Warmarshal, which is now left in chaos from the events of Nightfall. Kourna possesses little water, except for the grand river called Elon. The Elon flows from the northeastern land of Vabbi, through the savannah land and into the sea. Vabbi is a prosperous land, guarded by Djinn and home to Heket and Harpies. The humans of Vabbi are quite rich, and are ruled by their merchant princes, whose estates are filled with luxuries and pleasantries. Outside of these estates, the land is a savannah filled with creatures and other dangers. West of Vabbi and north of Kourna lies the Desolation, a desert of sulfurous wastelands that accommodates only the dead or demonic. This desert is patrolled by the undead armies of Palawa Joko.


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