The Mists

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The Mists
The Courtyard (explorable area).jpg
Continent The Mists
Town None
Neighbor(s) Crystal Desert
Kaineng City
The Battle Isles
Campaigns Core
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Before there were humans or dwarves, before there were even worlds or the stars that light the night sky, there was but one thing in the universe—the Mists. The Mists touch all things. They are what binds the universe together, past, present, and future. They are the source of all good and evil, of all matter and knowledge. It is said that all forms of life, no matter how simple or complex, can trace their origins back to this one place.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

The Mists is the realm of the afterlife and the proto-reality that exists between the worlds which in turn are the building blocks of reality. They are the home to various gods and other powerful entities and the residences of various afterlives. The Mists resonate from the worlds around them, forming bits of their own reality — islands of existence that reflect the histories of their worlds.1 In the center of the Mists lies the Rift and, within that, the Hall of Heroes. The various Realms of the Gods are also located here.

Demons and other beings, such as Razah, are created from the Mists themselves.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts:


Challenge missions:

Explorable areas[edit]

  1. This is an unofficial term for a series of instances accessed from the Tomb of the Primeval Kings outpost.


  1. Mechanically, this arena is a part of the Mists; lore-wise, however, it is not.





  • In the cancelled campaign Utopia, the Mists were referred to as the Unformed by the Xotechans who inhabited them.

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  1. Interview with Jeff Grubb, GuildMag

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