The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
The Labyrinth map.jpg
Map of the The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is the first section of the Underworld explorable area that players are greeted with. The Labyrinth generally consists of a number of winding corridors, which lead to other distinct areas of the Underworld.

Many inexperienced teams fail to make it past this section of the Underworld. Before players can gain access to any other parts of the Underworld they need to complete the quest Clear the Chamber given by the Lost Soul standing near to their initial spawn location. This quest will open the doors allowing movement away from the starting area. The Reaper of the Labyrinth can be found to the north, but will not appear until the Terrorweb Dryders that have imprisoned him have been destroyed.

The Labyrinth is inhabited largely by the Bladed Aatxes, bull-like creatures who can cause havoc on weakly armored targets if not dealt with correctly.

Quests available[edit]










  • Beginners to the Underworld should avoid taking the quest until they have cleared the surrounding area of Bladed Aatxes, who can easily take down an ill-prepared team, especially once the Grasping Darknesses spawn from the initial quest.
  • Bladed Aatxes are melee fighters; you can reduce their damage output by blinding or weakening them. You can also kite and/or snare them to keep them from your backline.


  • This area was substantially changed after the October 22, 2009 game update:
    • Four sets of pop-ups of 1-3 Grasping Darkness mobs were added in the area near the player's zone point into the Underworld. Their locations are pinged when you enter the Underworld.
    • Five Skeletons of Dhuum were added: three patrol the top of the northern staircase; another patrols in the immediate area of the player's zone point; another patrols the north-western door into the Labyrinth; and the one more patrols in between the four columns leading towards the Forgotten Vale.
    • Two pop-up mobs of three Mindblade Spectres spawn near the exit to the Forgotten Vale. The first spawns at the base of the first stair case leading to the Forgotten Vale, the trigger zone appears to be at the top that set of stairs. The second spawns between the large doorway and the bridge, the trigger zone appears to be on the opposing end of the bridge. Use caution: Grasping Darkness pop-ups in the Forgotten Vale may also be triggered as you cross the bridge to towards the second pop-up Mindblades. Both groups are preceded by their spawning noise, they initially spawn in friendly but after a few seconds turn hostile.

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