Ice Wastes

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Ice Wastes
Ice Wastes picture.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
Ice Wastes map.jpg
Map of the Ice Wastes

The Ice Wastes are one of several sub-sections of the Underworld. It can be reached by traveling north east from the Labyrinth. The Ice Wastes consists of largely barren ravines covered in ice and snow.

The Ice Wastes are inhabited by a large number of Smite Crawlers, making it a popular place to farm Globs of Ectoplasm.




  • Elementalist 28 (28) Reaper of the Ice Wastes







  • It is usually possible with careful movement and pulling to avoid the patrolling groups of Coldfire Nights and kill all the Smite Crawler groups. This is a common tactic for various Underworld farms.
  • In this region Smite Crawlers and Coldfire Nights don't attack each other, however they are still enemy groups to each other. Coldfires use AoE water hexes which the smite crawlers can then use Smite Hex to deal damage with.
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