Hall of Judgment

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Hall of Judgment
Hall of Grenth picture.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Mists
Type Landmark
Hall of Grenth map.jpg
Map of the Hall of Judgment

The Hall of Judgment is a smaller sub-section of the Underworld. After usurping Dhuum's throne, Grenth forced him into a state of dormancy and imprisoned him within the Hall of Judgment, trapped behind massive enchanted doors and layers of divine magic. The doors to the hall can be reached by traveling north from the Ice Wastes. Once all Underworld quests are completed, Dhuum awakens and the doors to the Hall of Judgement open, allowing entrance inside.



All NPCs are only here during the quest The Nightman Cometh, except for the Ice Elementals and King Frozenwind, which head there after Servants of Grenth.





Boss-like foes[edit]



  • The doors to the Hall of Judgment will be closed until all quests prior to The Nightman Cometh are completed.
  • Dhuum will not turn hostile until the last player enters the room.
  • Taking the quest from King Frozenwind will immediately start Dhuum's dialogue and teleport all Reapers to the Hall of Judgment. Due to this, make sure all party members are already at the Ice Wastes before taking this quest, or else they will be forced to run all the way to the Hall of Judgment, unable to be teleported by the Reapers.
Bug Bug.During Something Wicked This Way Comes and Don't Fear the Reapers you can go in the Hall of Judgment. You can pass through the door.


  • This area is very similar to the Zaishen map before the Underworld is entered in Heroes' Ascent.
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