Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Mad King's Steward
in Lion's Arch or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Followed by Don't Fear the Reapers
Type Festival quest
(Solo Quest)
Something Wicked This Way Comes map.jpg
The path to King Frozenwind.

In Something Wicked This Way Comes one must run through the Underworld and speak with King Frozenwind.

Quest information[edit]





After taking the quest, you must use 1 Transmogrifier Tonic or its everlasting counterpart before speaking to the Voice of Grenth. You can get tonics from Trick-or-Treat Bags or farm Sentient Roots in Plains of Jarin then trade 3 of them to the collector Horseman Garthim in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.

During this mission, you are an Agent of the Mad King and have 600 health, 40 energy, and 4 energy regeneration.

Sugar Rush (Agent of the Mad King).jpg
Sugar Rush (Agent of the Mad King)
Sticky Ground.jpg
Sticky Ground
Sugar Shock.jpg
Sugar Shock
The Mad King's Influence.jpg
The Mad King's Influence

When in Underworld, follow the yellow map pings to King Frozenwind and use the skills to distract the enemies. Save The Mad King's Influence for the Coldfire Nights as they will hex you even when you have a speed boost. Do not attempt to go directly to the marked area, you must traverse the Wastes area of the Underworld in order to reach an area surrounded by Ice Elementals. They will not be hostile. Talk to the king and the quest is finished.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward
I am the steward of Mad King Thorn, and I do his bidding. My undead liege has sensed foreboding tremors in the Underworld. He has also sensed seasonal baking in Royal Chef Culwich's kitchens, but I have already volunteered to investigate that. Milord's senses are selective but keen. This new intuition also requires attention. That's where a brave and skillful adventurer like you comes in. I would like you to act as an emissary of Mad King Thorn and go talk to his royal ally, King Frozenwind, who guards the Hall of Judgment. King Frozenwind may be able to shed some light on this mystery. We certainly hope it's nothing so troublesome as that Dhuum business from last year.
Anyway, travel quickly to the Underworld by speaking with the Voice of Grenth. Make sure you use a Transmogrifier Tonic so that the Voice recognizes you as an agent of Mad King Thorn. As this is a diplomatic mission, you must go alone. After you've talked to King Frozenwind, report your findings back to me. I'll see that you are well rewarded for your efforts.
Yes Accept: "As always, I am ready."
No Decline: "Sorry, I don't do déjà vu."
Ask Ask: "The Voice of Grenth will not recognize you as an emissary of the Mad King unless you are under the effects of a Transmogrifier Tonic. The Voice will send you to the Underworld, where you shall speak with King Frozenwind, who guards the Hall of Judgment."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Voice of Grenth

If not affected by Avatar of Sweetness:

I was told an Agent of the Mad King was coming. You don't look much like one...

If affected by Avatar of Sweetness:

An agent of Mad King Thorn wishes to enter the Underworld alone? Very well, if you think that's wise. The Reapers have gained some degree of control over the Underworld at the moment, so now is an opportune time to travel, relatively speaking.
Yes I'm ready to travel to the Underworld. (sent to The Underworld)
No Sorry, I don't do déjà vu.
King Frozenwind
The emissary of the Mad King arrives! It is good to see you again, despite the circumstances. Or was that another who visited my hall last year? I am sorry, little one, but to me you all look similarly scrumptious.
Your lord is correct: dark things still stir in these depths. It is Dhuum, candy man! Death inevitable is not so dormant as we believed. Let me tell you the tale again in case it has not stuck in your mind.
Long have the bards sung of Grenth's defeat of Dhuum, the former ruler of the Underworld. With the help of the rebellious Reapers, Grenth usurped Dhuum's throne. But the books and songs only tell part of the tale. You see, Dhuum was not fully destroyed; Grenth was simply not powerful enough to slay him. Instead, he forced Dhuum into a state of dormancy and imprisoned him within the Hall of Judgment, trapped behind massive enchanted doors and layers of divine magic. There Dhuum remained, slumbering...waiting. But his torpor is not so heavy that Dhuum does not occasionally wake.
Yes Why does he continue to wake? Is a little sleepwalking really that harmful?
Dhuum awakens fueled by dark powers, eager to reclaim his seat as The Final Judge, and set to cull the life from those who cheat death. Every time a creature in the Underworld dies, the release of life energy adds to Dhuum's vigor. Too many beings are being slain in the Underworld. Dhuum grows both strong and restless. I fear that one day he will come to his full strength, and then those doors will not hold. Where Dhuum walks, candy man, no soul is safe! Go, tell your master to heed my warning: Dhuum remains the most serious of threats!

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward
Dhuum? The Ender of All? This is...unexpected information, but you have delivered what I asked for. I doubt Mad King Thorn will believe this matter wasn't fully dealt with last year, but Dhuum and his promise of death undeniable should not be ignored. If he were to seize control of the Underworld, it would be disastrous. The fundamental rules of life, death, and undeath would change...a state of affairs that would be unacceptable to a spirit lord like Mad King Thorn. Thank you for your service, mortal! I will bear this grim news to my liege so he may plot his next move. I fear for us all...


  • The Quest Log displays "Mad King's Steward (Lion's Arch)" even if your character acquired this quest in Kamadan.
  • Skeletons of Dhuum do not spawn during this quest.
  • Dying in the Underworld during this quest does not stop progress on the Survivor title.
  • You will be sent back to the starting outpost 30 seconds after completing the quest, so you should map travel to Lion's Arch or Kamadan to accept the reward instead of waiting the 30 seconds.
  • You will be sent back to the earliest town or outpost of the starting campaign of your character when this quest is attempted after the end of the Halloween festival. The effect of the Transmogrifier Tonic is lost in this process. If started during the next Halloween, you can do the quest, but it will count for that year.