Voice of Grenth

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an avatar NPC that grants passage to the Underworld. For other uses of Avatar of Grenth, see Avatar of Grenth (disambiguation).
Voice of Grenth
Voice of Grenth.jpg
Affiliation Grenth
Types Spirit
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 15 (20), 30
Campaigns Core

The Voice of Grenth is the avatar of the god Grenth. It can be summoned by kneeling at any statue of Grenth. In the Temple of the Ages, Zin Ku Corridor, Lornar's Pass, or the Chantry of Secrets, it can transport a party of experienced players to The Underworld in exchange for an offering to its patron god. In explorable areas of Cantha and Elona, each player may - in exchange for some gold - receive a blessing of Grenth from the Avatar.

They are also enemies encountered during The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods and its PvP counterpart.


See Statue of Grenth for a list of statue locations.


In the Temple of the Ages, Zin Ku Corridor, Lornar's Pass or the Chantry of Secrets, it can transport a party of players to the Underworld for 1 platinum. In explorable areas, players can buy a blessing from the avatar.

Blessings offered


Blessing Effect Cost
Holy Blessing.jpg Holy Blessing ("To conquest") You have +25 maximum Health and +3 Health regeneration. (All living party members also gain this blessing.) 50 Gold
Favor of the Gods.jpg Morale Boost ("To courage") All party members (living or dead) gain a 2% morale boost and their skills are recharged. (Not technically a blessing.) 100 Gold

Factions and Nightfall[edit]

Blessing Effect Cost
Favor of the Gods.jpg Favor of the Gods You gain a 2% morale boost. (Your skills are also recharged. Not technically a blessing.) 75 Gold
Unnatural Resistance.jpg Unnatural Resistance For 20 minutes, Conditions you receive end 20% sooner. 50 Gold
Dark Aura Dark Aura For 20 minutes, whenever you hit with an attack, you steal 3 health from that foe. 100 Gold
Necromancer of Grenth.jpg Necromancer of Grenth For 20 minutes, all your Necromancer attributes are raised by 1. 150 Gold
Disciple of Ice.jpg Disciple of Ice For 20 minutes, your Water Magic attribute is raised by 1. 150 Gold
Ritualist of Grenth.jpg Ritualist of Grenth For 20 minutes, all your Ritualist attributes are raised by 1. 150 Gold



"People seek the aid of Grenth for many reasons. Do you dedicate this offering to one in particular?"

"Do you seek to serve the God of Death? The challenges you shall face in the Underworld are far greater than any you have experienced in the mortal realm."
"It is recommended you enter with a party of eight Ascended heroes. Do you still wish to enter Grenth's realm with your current group?"
Yes Accept
No Decline


Bug Bug.When you enter the Underworld via the Voice of Grenth, it scrambles your party ordering.


  • During Halloween (from Halloween 2009 to the September 26, 2013 update), the Voice of Grenth still appeared even when the world didn't have Favor of the Gods (at a time when its appearance required favor to be active), which allowed parties to enter the Underworld without paying or using scrolls in order to allow unrestricted access to the event's quest line.