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Gold and

The basic currency, accepted by all NPCs in Guild Wars, is gold (Gold), and its more valuable substitute, platinum (Platinum). The two are automatically converted from one to the other; 1000 Gold equals 1Platinum. A Vault box can hold up to 1000Platinum, and each character can hold up to 100Platinum in their inventory.

Other currency[edit]

In trades worth more than 100Platinum, players often substitute expensive items, agreeing on a value that the item represents (that is, treating it like currency). The most common substitutes are Zaishen Keys, Globs of Ectoplasm, and, for very high value trades, Armbraces of Truth. Black Dye and Charcoal are used in high-end pre-Searing trades.


One Gold Coin (left) and more than
one Gold Coin (right) dropped on the ground.

There are several ways to accumulate cash:

See also[edit]

  • Farming, the repeated execution of the same task to acquire currency or loot.


Currency is used to buy items from NPC sellers in-game, who provide just about everything: basic needs, armor, weapons, skills, guild services, consumables, scrolls, dyes, runes, common materials, rare materials, and a few lesser services such as storage fees. Since other players also need these things, you can also trade them currency in exchange for something you want, or to do some task for you.

Spending currency on NPC services leads to balancing the game's economy; they are gold sink mechanisms, where currency that entered the game is equally deleted from it, preventing runaway inflation.


  • When dropped on the ground, currency appears as "Gold Coin(s)".
  • Gold Coins dropped by enemies in an explorable area are not assigned; anyone can pick them up, and the cash is divided among party members (including henchmen and Heroes).
  • Individual characters do not have access to an account's vault box until they have paid a one time fee of 50Gold to the Xunlai Agent.
  • The maximum amount of gold an account can store is 4600Platinum.
    • 1000Platinum in storage.
    • 100Platinum on each of 36 characters (the maximum number of characters possible on one account).
  • Players usually refer to platinum as plat, p, or k (from the metric prefix "kilo", which means "thousand").

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