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Xunlai Agent
Xunlai agent f.jpg
Affiliation Xunlai
Type Human
Service Vault box
Level(s) 15
Campaign Core

Xunlai Agents belong to an ancient and incorruptible banking guild from the continent of Cantha. Collectively, they offer a valuable service: they store equipment and gold your characters don’t want to carry. Nearly every town you encounter has a Xunlai Agent, right next to a location you can use to store items and money. A Xunlai Agent always has this name: "Xunlai Agent [Storage]".

Any character who wants to use the guild’s services can pay 50 gold pieces to open an account. The vault box account is shared by all the characters on your account, but each character needs to pay once for access. Xunlai Agents offer an easy way to transfer gold and items between your characters. For instance, if your 20th level Warrior/Monk finds a bow your low-level Ranger/Elementalist could use, your Ranger could withdraw that bow from a Xunlai account later. This not only frees up more space in a character’s personal inventory, it also makes leveling up low-level characters on the same account a little easier. Your storage account can also be used to store the materials crafters need to make weapons and armor; you can also trade those materials to Collectors.

A Xunlai Agent can expand your account with Materials Storage. After you pay the representative an additional 50 gold, you’ll have a second area in that character’s storage space that holds a wide variety of crafting resources. Each slot for a resource holds up to 250 units of that item. Xunlai Agents provide additional storage panes, which increase the amount of space in your storage account.


Xunlai Agents can be found in all outposts and towns, except in certain locations such as pre-Searing Ascalon, Chahbek Village, The Mists (such as Realm of Torment), etc. See Category:Has storage upgrades.


With storage account and full upgradesEdit

We of the Xunlai guild are always looking for ways to improve our services. Even as we speak, our finest mages are hard at work researching better ways to store and transport items.

You've already upgraded your storage as much as you can in game. If you wish to purchase more upgrades, please visit our In-Game Store or NCsoft Store

Show me my storage account. (opens Vault box)
Guild Wars In-Game Store (goes to character selection screen)
NCsoft Store (opens up your web browser)
 I'll be on my way.

With storage accountEdit

We of the Xunlai guild are always looking for ways to improve our services. Even as we speak, our finest mages are hard at work researching better ways to store and transport items.

Are there any storage upgrades you are considering purchasing?

Crafting Material Storage.
The Xunlai guild is proud to introduce Crafting Material Storage. For a small fee of 50 gold, your storage account will be upgraded to hold up to 250 of each crafting material without using any of your normal storage slots.
Are you interested?
 Purchase upgrade. (Pay 50 gold.)
Congratulations! You now have access to Crafting Material Storage. Talk to any Xunlai Agent in most towns or outposts to access your storage account and use the Crafting Materials tab to view your new storage space.
 I'll be on my way.
 I'll be on my way.
Show me my storage account. (opens Vault box)
 I'll be on my way.

If you have no storage accountEdit

Have you considered purchasing a storage account with the Xunlai guild? For five hundred years we have been trusted for our reliability and discretion. Empowered by ancient magic, Xunlai agents make your goods accessible at the most remote of locations.

For a one-time fee of 50 gold, I can offer you permanent access to a Xunlai storage account. Access is reliable and there never are any monthly fees. Are you interested?

 Purchase a storage account. (Pay 50 gold.)
Congratulations! You now have a Xunlai storage account. Talk to any Xunlai Agent in most towns or outposts to access your storage account.
Review available upgrades.
Show me my storage account.
  I'll be on my way.
I am sorry. You do not have enough gold. Please return when you have 50 gold. (When you do not carry enough gold with you.)
  I'll be on my way.


  • On April 5th 2007, a new update made additional storage space available to players. For every campaign on a player's account, an additional tabbed storage window is now accessible. For example, a player with one campaign gets one new tab, a player with two campaigns gets two new tabs, and a player with all three campaigns will have three additional tabs, for a total of four storage windows.
  • On April 24, 2009, during the Guild Wars 4th Anniversary Celebration, an update made it possible for players to buy additional Xunlai storage spaces, in the form of more tabs. These additional spaces are bought through either the NCsoft store, or the Guild Wars in-game store. The update also made it possible to get a free extra tab of storage space, labelled '4th Anniversary Storage' however this was only for a limited time, and only through the NCsoft store.
  • Previously, the player could only talk to the Xunlai Agent to access their storage, however now the Xunlai Chest can be interacted with for instant access.


  • The dialogue line "Access will be reliable and there will never be any monthly fees." may be a reference to ArenaNet's stance on the lack of monthly fee for Guild Wars itself. The 50 gold entrance fee at the same time may be a reference to the launch price of Guild Wars, 50 dollars/euros.

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