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When players start or join a guild, their characters wear guild capes and have guild tags beside their names. Joining a guild is a good way to find other players who have similar interests and play styles, and it provides a group of fellow adventurers who are always available. You can join an already established guild, or you may form your own guild when you encounter a Guild Registrar. Once you are a member of a guild, your guild may purchase a guild hall, which guildmates can travel to by using their map. From there, guildmates may form teams and compete against other guilds for ranking on the Guild Ladder.

Tablet of Wisdom

A guild is a formal social grouping within Guild Wars. Although players are not required to join a guild, there are some activities that are only available to guild members. This includes access to a guild hall (which conveniently houses a large number of services in one location), the ability to participate in guild versus guild (GvG) battles, and the ability to use the guild chat channel to communicate. In addition, there are social benefits to joining a guild, notably that players within a guild are more likely to be able to help each other complete in-game objectives.

Joining a guild is account-based: if one character joins a guild, then every character belonging to the same account will be members of the same guild.

Creating a guild[edit]

A guild is created by paying 100Gold to the guild registrar. The player forming the guild will become the guild leader.

The name of the guild must be provided at the point of creation, along with an abbreviation or tag. The name must be unique amongst all guilds and has a limit of 31 characters (including spaces). The tag can be 2 to 4 characters long and does not need to be unique. The guild tag will appear as a suffix to the names of all characters belonging to that guild.

It is important to note that once a guild has been created, the name of the guild cannot be changed.

To view information about your current guild, open the guild window (default shortcut "G"). Guild details and announcements are near the top of the window and a guild roster can be seen at the bottom on the default tab. The guild roster is grouped by rank; with currently logged-on members ordered alphabetically at the top of each group, and logged-out members ordered by the duration since they last logged-on.

Expanding the guild[edit]

Once a guild has been created, the guild leader can start sending out invitations to other players. Each guild may have a maximum of 100 members. Within each guild, members have one of three ranks:

  1. Leader
  2. Officer
  3. Member (default)

For 100Gold, leaders or officers can invite players that are not currently in a guild; for the same price, they can offer guest invitations to anyone.

Only leaders and officers can promote members to officer status, kick people out of the guild, or update the guild's status message. Only the leader can demote an officer to member status or designate an officer as the new leader.

Guests have the following privileges for 24 hours after receiving their invitation:

  • They can visit the Guild Hall (via the Guest tab of their Guild panel, default key: [G]).
  • They can join the host guild for GvG battles.
  • Guests retain membership in their current guild (if any) and they do not count towards the host guild's limit of 100 members.[verification requested]

To invite a player to your guild, type in the name of the player you want to invite in the Member section of the guild roster.

To promote or demote a guild member, open the guild window and locate the member's name in the roster. Click on the icon next to the name to see the available options. Select the appropriate option to perform the action.

Automatic succession[edit]

If a guild leader has not logged in to the game for 60 days, they will be automatically demoted and replaced by the officer with earliest join date (according to the status window).

Guild cape[edit]

Every guild can design a cape for their members to wear. The cape is meant to help distinguish players of one guild from another. It is purely cosmetic and does not grant any advantages or disadvantages.

To design a cape, simply talk to a guild emblemer. Any guild member or officer can design a cape, but only the guild leader is allowed to buy or change it. Buying a new cape design or altering an existing cape design costs 2 Platinum.

Guild hall[edit]

A guild is not supplied with a guild hall upon creation. It must be purchased with a Celestial Sigil. To take part in GvG battles, a guild must first purchase a guild hall.

All the guild halls available can be visited prior to any purchase by talking to the Canthan Ambassador (in any of the port towns). Each of the guild halls visited in this manner will also have a Sigil Trader in it. To visit another guild hall, or to purchase the current guild hall, talk to the Canthan Ambassador again.

Once purchased, all members of the guild can now access the guild hall directly via the guild window. The one exception is new characters in the Prophecies campaign — Pre-Searing characters cannot enter the guild hall. Characters from other campaigns also cannot visit the Pre-Searing area of Prophecies.

Leaving a guild[edit]

To leave a guild, open up the guild window and locate the name of your character. Click on the icon next to the name and select the option to leave the guild. Once a member has left (whether voluntarily or not), they must be re-invited (at the same 100Gold cost) before they can rejoin.

A guild leader cannot leave a guild that still has other members. The guild leader must first designate another officer as the new guild leader (so as to demote himself or herself), or follow the steps below to disband their guild.

Disbanding a guild[edit]

A guild that still has members cannot be disbanded. The guild leader must first kick every member out of the guild. When the guild has no other members and is un-ticked but selected the leave button goes to the disband dialog

Be warned that once a guild has been disbanded, anything previously purchased (cape, guild hall, and guild services) will be lost and is neither recoverable nor refundable.

Faction and alliance[edit]

The release of Guild Wars Factions introduced a new facet to guilds — alliances. An alliance is a grouping of a maximum of up to 10 guilds. Before joining an alliance or creating one, a guild must first decide on its allegiance, either to the Kurzicks or to the Luxons. Each invitation to join an alliance will cost 1 Platinum. Being in an alliance allows members of all those guilds to participate in alliance battles. Even if the guild membership has a preference, the guild leader is the only one that can "decide" which faction to join, by going to the capital (Cavalon and House zu Heltzer) of whichever faction is decided upon and speaking to the Luxon Ambassador or the Kurzick Ambassador.

Changing alliance from one faction to the other is performed in their respective capitals as well, by the faction's Ambassador, and will cost the guild leader 500 Gold for this "small service."

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