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The guild menu (default keyboard shortcut "G") is the central menu containing information about the guild (e.g. guild name, tag, and total alliance faction) as well as the people inside it, such as members, officers, the leader and allied guilds. The guild's current cape serves as the menu's background.


Displays the current status (online/offline and duration/away/do not disturb) of each guild member. Mousing over each character name in the roster will display the character name with which the account was invited into the guild (if that player logged on a different character), the date the account joined the guild, who they were invited by, who promoted/demoted/designated as guild leader them, and the last time they appeared online.


This shows who the current leader of the guild is. As players are automatically set as guild leader when they create a guild, this could show when the guild was created. However, this may not always be accurate as a guild creator could have passed on the leadership to another guild member.


This shows the current officers. Mousing over each name will also show who designated that player an officer.


This shows the list of the current members.


This section displays the names of unaccepted invitations. Invitations can be made by officers or the leader for 100 Gold by typing the recipient's name in the box and clicking the "+" sign. The target must be guildless for the invitation to work.


This works similarly to the invitees section, but only lasts for 24 hours. Guests can do everything a member can do apart from viewing the roster, announcement, or history and talking in guild/alliance chat. Inviting a guest also costs 100 Gold.



The announcements box allows officers and the leader to leave messages to the guild. This message will be displayed when characters log in or when an announcement is changed. The name of the person who wrote the announcement will also be displayed. The announcement has a 255 character limit (includes spaces).

Guild history[edit]

The guild history box shows an automated time line of the most recent events of the guild. It shows when members were invited, kicked, or when they left, and the rank status.


The guest tab contains the privileges one has when guested with a guild - this is how guests enter the guild hall.


This section shows the guild's alliance containing up to nine other guilds of the same faction. The list is sorted alphabetically, with the leading guild at the very top. For each guild listed, the join date and amount of faction the guild currently has will also be displayed. The background will only display the leader's cape.

Guild hall[edit]

If your guild has a guild hall there will be a "Guild Hall" button at the top right of the guild menu, which can be used to travel to your guild hall. There is also "Visit Guild Hall" buttons at the bottom left of the Guest and Alliance tab sections, which are used to visit the guild halls of guest guilds and alliance guilds, respectively. The "Guild Hall" and "Visit Guild Hall" buttons do not appear in the guild menu for pre-Searing characters.

User interface (edit)
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