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The Friends List

The Friends List is a user interface panel that allows you to track the in-game location and status of mutual friends and to see your recent teammates and trade partners. You can also use it to ignore certain accounts. You can toggle its appearance through the in-game menu or using a keyboard shortcut (default key: [N]).


Player status[edit]

The player status drop-down list at the the top of the panel determines how your account is displayed in the Friends list (of other accounts) and Guild Menu:

  • Online: You appear Online. The default option; no special change to your appearance.
  • Offline: You do not appear online. You can whisper other accounts, but they cannot whisper you.
  • Away: You appear as Away. You can whisper other accounts; if they whisper you, they also receive the following message: "Player <character name> might not reply because his or her status is set to away."
  • Do not disturb: You appear as Do not disturb. You can whisper other people; they can try to whisper you, but the whisper will not be sent and they receive the following message: "Failed to send whisper to player <character name> because his or her status is set to do not disturb." Players sometimes use this during a mission or quest; they want others to know that they are online, but do not want to be distracted.

Friends Online[edit]

Players whom you have added to your Friends list are displayed here when they are online and in gold font. To add someone to your Friends list, type that character's name in the "Click here to add a friend" box and press enter. Your Friends list can hold up to 100 names.

If someone you friended is logged in with another character on the same account, that character's name will be displayed in parentheses next to the character name you initially added.

Mutual friends[edit]

If someone on your Friends list has also added you to their list, their current location will be displayed in [brackets] next to their name. If their name, alternate character name and location doesn't fit then you can enlarge window by dragging the bottom right corner of the Friends list window.

Friends Offline[edit]

Players that you have added to your Friends list, but who are either offline or appearing offline, are displayed here in grey font.


The Ignored list allows you to identify accounts from whom you do not wish to hear. Adding a character name to your ignore list blocks all messages from that character's account, and prevents their text from appearing in your chat windows. No status will be displayed for these accounts, and no other character names will be displayed. The ignore list can hold a maximum of 20 names and uses white font.

You appear to ignored accounts as if you are offline. Attempting to message a character who has ignored you will produce the message "Player <character name> is ignoring you."

Recent Teammates[edit]

The Recent Teammates list displays players that played with in your party since you logged on; this list resets on logging out, white font as well.

Recent Trade Partners[edit]

The Recent Trade Partners list displays players with which you have traded via the trade window since you logged on; this list resets on logging out, white font as well.


  • Logging into the Friends List is distinct from logging into the game: you can be logged into Guild Wars, but not your Friends list.
    • When you first sign into the game, you are automatically connected to both. However, if you recover from a disconnect, you will likely still be disconnected from the Friends list; you must manually login to it to reconnect (open the Friends list panel and press the relevant button).
    • When you are in the game but logged out of the list, your account will be treated as offline; you will be able to whisper other players, but they will not be able to whisper you. (This can be a particular problem if you are attempting to trade.)
    • Clicking on the district tab in an outpost automatically reconnects you to the server without having to fill in your account data.
  • When your status is offline, the Guild Menu still records the time of your last login. However, your name will remain greyed out.
  • Whenever a friend changes their location, the list is updated; as a result, any text typed in the panel is cleared.
Bug Bug.The mutual Friends list does not always update correctly for accounts with a status of Do not disturb; this can be fixed by toggling the status to Online and back.
Bug Bug.Under certain circumstances, the mutual Friends list does not show any location for a mutual friend (as if the friends status was not reciprocal).
Bug Bug.Banned accounts cannot be removed from Friends/Ignored lists. Attempting to remove a banned account from the list will trigger the "district full" error sound with no error message.


  • The June 12, 2019 update added a new “Rename” option to the Friends List. You may now set nicknames for friends in your Online, Offline, and Ignored lists.
  • The April 28, 2011 update introduced displaying your friend's current location as part of the status of mutual friends.
  • The May 09, 2018 The maximum number of friends and ignored players has been doubled to 100 and 20 respectively.

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