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PvP Equipment panel

The PvP Equipment panel is only available to PvP-only characters. It allows for the creation and customization of weapons and armor for your character and for any heroes in your party. The panel can be opened by clicking on the "PvP Equipment" button in the inventory window or pressing the keyboard shortcut (default "J").


To customize your character or a hero, select their bust from the eight windows at the top of the PvP Equipment pane. The glowing aura and yellow background will indicate the character currently selected.

To create a piece of equipment, select the appropriate tab and find the desired equipment in the list in the upper left. Next, select any desired upgrades from the other lists and the desired dye color from among the squares in the bottom left. Only upgrades that have been unlocked will be available - this includes inscriptions/upgrade components for weapons, shields, and foci, and insignia/runes for armor. Players will receive a confirmation box if they have a PvE item equipped to prevent accidental deletion; if you confirm the item's creation the PvE item will be destroyed.

Equip Immediately[edit]

If "equip immediately" in the bottom left is checked, the equipment will be equipped after clicking the "create" button and any equipment previously equipped to the same place will be lost. If "equip immediately" is not checked, then the equipment will be placed into a free inventory slot when "create" is clicked.

You cannot create an identical weapon to one already created.


Weapons and armor created with the PvP Equipment panel can be dyed using the buttons in the bottom left. The number of times you are able to dye weapons and armor is unlimited but colors will be pure as a Dye Preview box will not appear. Dye colors available include silver, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, brown and orange dye. Weapon and armor can be dyed using the regular manner but this will require you to purchase and use the dyes.

Weapons Tabs[edit]

There are three tabs for two-handed, one-handed and off-hand items. Each tab offers one item for each Attribute available with this type. These items all use a skin also available as PvE loot, most often a common skin. They have a special naming, being "PvP <Attribute> <Weapon type>"


Staves, bows, hammers, daggers and scythes are listed here:

Name Attribute Skin
PvP Water Staff Water Magic Water Staff (core skin)
PvP Channeling Staff1 Channeling Magic Channeling Staff
PvP Ether Staff Energy Storage Portal Staff
PvP Inscribed Staff Domination Magic Inscribed Staff
PvP Jeweled Staff Illusion Magic Jeweled Staff
PvP Scrying Glass Staff Inspiration Magic Scrying Glass Staff
PvP Blood Staff Blood Magic Evil Eye Staff
PvP Dead Staff Death Magic Bone Staff
PvP Accursed Staff Curses Accursed Staff
PvP Air Staff Air Magic Air Staff (core skin)
PvP Earth Staff Earth Magic Earth Staff (core skin)
PvP Fire Staff Fire Magic Fire Staff (core skin)
PvP Smiting Staff Smiting Prayers Smiting Staff
PvP Communing Staff1 Communing Communing Staff
PvP Spawning Staff1 Spawning Power Conjuring Staff
PvP Restoration Staff1 Restoration Magic Conjuring Staff
PvP Arcane Staff Fast Casting Arcane Staff
PvP Soul Spire Soul Reaping Soul Spire
PvP Holy Staff Healing Prayers Holy Branch
PvP Holy Staff Protection Prayers Protective Staff
PvP Holy Staff Divine Favor Holy Staff
PvP Flatbow Marksmanship Feathered Flatbow
PvP Hornbow Marksmanship Stoneshard Hornbow
PvP Longbow Marksmanship Wooden Longbow
PvP Shortbow Marksmanship Composite Shortbow
PvP Recurve Bow Marksmanship Composite Bow / Sturdy Recurve Bow
PvP Hammer Hammer Mastery War Hammer / Magmas Arm
PvP Daggers1 Dagger Mastery Dirks
PvP Scythe2 Scythe Mastery Suntouched Scythe
1 This item will not be available for accounts without Factions.
2 This item will not be available for accounts without Nightfall.


Axes, swords, wands, and spears are listed here:

Name Attribute Skin
PvP Sword Swordsmanship Short Sword
PvP Axe Axe Mastery War Axe
PvP Water Wand Water Magic Water Wand
PvP Channeling Scepter1 Channeling Magic Channeling Rod (loop)
PvP Voltaic Wand Energy Storage Voltaic Wand
PvP Crystal Wand Inspiration Magic Crystal Wand
PvP Cane Illusion Magic Cane (Illusion)
PvP Cane Domination Magic Cane (Domination)
PvP Truncheon Blood Magic Truncheon
PvP Deathly Cesta Death Magic Spiral Rod
PvP Accursed Rod Curses Wailing Wand
PvP Air Wand Air Magic Air Wand
PvP Earth Wand Earth Magic Earth Wand
PvP Fire Wand Fire Magic Fire Wand
PvP Smiting Rod Smiting Prayers Smiting Rod
PvP Communing Scepter1 Communing Communing Scepter / Eerie Rod
PvP Spawning Scepter1 Spawning Power Spawning Wand (wrapped skin)
PvP Restoration Scepter1 Restoration Magic Restoration Scepter / Shamanic Wand
PvP Arcane Scepter Fast Casting Arcane Scepter
PvP Crimson Claw Scepter Soul Reaping Crimson Claw Scepter
PvP Holy Rod Healing Prayers Holy Rod
PvP Holy Rod Protection Prayers Protective Wand
PvP Holy Rod Divine Favor Eternal Flame Wand
PvP Spear2 Spear Mastery Suntouched Spear
1 This item will not be available for accounts without Factions.
2 This item will not be available for accounts without Nightfall.


Foci and shields are listed here:

Name Attribute Skin
PvP Golden Chalice Energy Storage Golden Chalice
PvP Frost Artifact Water Magic Frost Artifact
PvP Channeling Focus1 Channeling Magic Channeling Focus
PvP Inscribed Chakram Domination Magic Inscribed Chakram (metal skin)
PvP Gilded Artifact Fast Casting Gilded Artifact
PvP Jeweled Chakram Illusion Magic Jeweled Chakram (metal skin)
PvP Jeweled Chalice Inspiration Magic Jeweled Chalice (common skin)
PvP Idol Blood Magic Idol
PvP Accursed Icon Curses Accursed Icon
PvP Grim Cesta Death Magic Grim Cesta (gauntlet skin)
PvP Bone Idol Soul Reaping Bone Idol
PvP Storm Artifact Air Magic Storm Artifact
PvP Earth Scroll Earth Magic Earth Scroll
PvP Flame Artifact Fire Magic Flame Artifact (common skin)
PvP Healing Ankh Healing Prayers Healing Ankh
PvP Protective Icon Protection Prayers Protective Icon
PvP Hallowed Idol Smiting Prayers Hallowed Idol
PvP Divine Symbol Divine Favor Divine Symbol
PvP Communing Focus1 Communing Communing Focus
PvP Restoration Focus1 Restoration Magic Restoration Focus
PvP Spawning Focus1 Spawning Power Ceremonial Cauldron
PvP Strength Shield Strength Tower Shield
PvP Tactics Shield Tactics Tall Shield
PvP Motivation Shield2 Motivation Daedal Shield
PvP Command Shield2 Command Heraldic Shield
1 This item will not be available for accounts without Factions.
2 This item will not be available for accounts without Nightfall.

Armor Tabs[edit]

The armor components of the PvP Equipment panel is broken down into five tabs: Head, Chest, Hands, Legs and Feet. There are specific armor skin sets available to choose, each depicting an existing armor set, partly renamed. There are separate Headpieces for each attribute, thus making the skins available dependent of a corresponding attribute if they differentiate. (Some classes also use one headgear skin for every attribute.)


  • All equipment created has the maximum stats possible (such as damage ranges, armor, or energy bonuses) and, where applicable, a requirement of 9 in an appropriate attribute. Note: weapon/offhand upgrade component mods may not be the maximum possible if the "perfect" version of that component has not yet been unlocked for the character's account.
  • PvP equipment is automatically customized to the character creating it, and can't be traded.
  • Although salvaged upgrade components found in PvE can be applied to PvP equipment, they cannot be salvaged back off.
  • If creating an item with an associated attribute requirement (weapons, shields, or foci), items which your character currently meets the requirement for will be displayed at the top of the selection list above all others.
  • Equipment sets can be saved to Equipment Templates.
  • When a PvP-only character is recreated, heroes will retain the same weapon and armor combination as the previous PvP-only character.

User interface (edit)
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