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Mission Map

The Mission Map, also known as area map or U map, is a way to see the path you have taken through a mission or an explorable area. The default key for bringing up the mission map is the 'u' key. When opened, the window can be resized and the scroll wheel on the mouse can be used to zoom the map in or out. The path that you have traveled is represented by red dots. Sometimes things or notes for a mission, such as portals, special NPCs or objective points are marked using special icons.

Icon key[edit]


  • Hovering over a collector icon will inform you of the item that collector is looking for.
  • You can pan the map view by dragging anywhere on it. You can scroll about the entire map this way. When your character moves, the map will drift back to center on your character again.
  • If you have your mouse on top of the Mission Map, using the scroll up/down button on the mouse will zoom in/zoom out. Holding middle-button and moving mouse upwards/downwards will have same effect.
    • For laptops or computers without a scroll button on the mouse, simply hold both the left and right click buttons down, and move the mouse up for zooming in, and down for zooming out.
  • If you are disconnected from the game while in an explorable area or mission and rejoin, your trail of red dots will disappear.
  • While in an area that does not appear on World Map, such as the Realm of Torment or a dungeon, the Mission Map can be accessed by clicking the Mission Map button on the bottom left of World Map.

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