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Disambig icon.png This article is about the switch-activated gates found in PvP maps. For the quest-locked gates blocking PvE outposts, see Portal.

Gates are a terrain feature in some PvP maps that blocks players when closed. Gates are not directly interactable, but can be activated through an associated Gate Lock or similar mechanism.

Gates play a strategic role when they are included in PvP as they allow players to control access to certain areas, such as the base gates in many GvG Maps, which can only be opened by the owner's team or the opposing team's Guild Thief until near the end of the match, or they present a one-way-door situation such as the center gate on the Isle of Weeping Stone.

"Gate" is also used to refer to the barriers which hold the teams in their respective starting areas until the match officially starts; in some GvG maps these are the selfsame gates that attempt to keep the teams out of each other's bases during the match.

List of PvP maps utilizing Gates[edit]


  • Most guild halls previously utilized Gates that could be manipulated. Though the Gate Locks are still in some of the maps, they do not activate the gates. In addition, the Guild Thief was removed from these halls.