Isle of Wurms

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Isle of Wurms
Isle of Wurms
Region The Desolation
Environment Effects None
Isle of Wurms map.jpg

Isle of Wurms is a The Desolation-inspired guild hall introduced in Guild Wars Nightfall.


Between each base are two paths. The Tower Flag Stand is located on the northern path, which is also the shortest route into the other team's base. A Health shrine with Alliance Battle-style capture methods dominates the southern path. A wall runs along the side of the flag stand area which allows support casters to stand below the action out of harm's way while still being involved in the battle. Each base has two entrances, a reasonably well defended front entrance with an archer and two footmen outside and a poorly defended back entrance. There are two archers on the cliffs surrounding the back entrance and a further four archers inside the front entrance. Inside the lord pit other than the standard two knights, bodyguard and Guild Lord, there are two more archers.

Map mechanics and rewards[edit]

  • The Health Shrine gives all members of its controlling team an extra 120 maximum health, it can be captured in a manner similar to the shrines in alliance battles.
  • In addition to these rules, this map follows the standard rules of a GvG.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

This map especially favours split tactics due to its large size and multiple paths, often both teams will immediately send some kind of split to the health shrine unless running a build that cannot split effectively leading to an initial split skirmish in addition to the flag stand battle. The back doors of both bases are also poorly defended with only two archers between it and the lord pit, which can easily be avoided using terrain allowing for quick ganks with little support. Spike builds are at a major disadvantage on this map due to the health shrine bonus and ease of splitting. Snares can be very powerful on this map due to the large distances involved meaning that snaring a target can give a large opportunity for killing it before any support can arrive.

Defensive team[edit]

The defense at the front door is reasonably strong but the back door is very poorly defended with almost no defense between it and the knights. The lord pit is very cramped and most of the NPCs are obstructed so it can actually be reasonably difficult for a gank team to push in to achieve lord damage or kill the body guard without eliminating the knights or while under pressure from the enemy team. The front door is a choke point on lowered ground and just behind the door is an area surrounded by high cliffs allowing for strong defensive options as long as a team falling back gets through this area quickly. The resurrection shrine is reasonably far away from the lord room and front door where the fighting inside a base is likely to be occurring, so respawning team members can easily be collapsed upon as they respawn.

Offensive team[edit]

The Offensive team's base is practically identical to the defensive teams.

Disputed areas[edit]

The flag stand area narrows slightly in comparison to the rest of the map which is full of wide open spaces, so this is the most likely place other than the choke points at the front doors to attempt a body block on a flag-runner. The flag stand area is also slightly raised so the team controlling it will have height advantage. The health shrine area is largely featureless and flat.


Anomaly Anomaly.This guild hall uses the Kryta loading screen.

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