Isle of Jade

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Isle of Jade
Isle of Jade
Region The Jade Sea
Environment Effects Spiked Coral
Isle of Jade map


Inspired by the Jade Sea, home of the Luxons, this map was added with the addition of Factions

Map layout[edit]

The areas below the flag stand and around each teleporter are covered in spiked coral that slows movement and does 25 damage each second while moving. Each base features two exits, one over bridges directly to the flagstand and one which leads through the coral to a teleporter to directly below the flagstand. Once notorious for its unfriendliness toward split tactics, the Isle of Jade now features a widened side path that is not covered with spiked coral.

Map mechanics and rewards[edit]

  • Several sections of the map are covered in spiked coral.
  • Two teleporters that can be used in either direction by either team allow quick access to the enemy base.
  • This map follows all the other standard rules of a GvG.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

Standard 8v8 play typically involves both teams going out over the bridges to meet and fight at the flag stand, but a team wishing to force a lord race or gain position advantage can leave their base through the teleporter and either reach the stand faster at the cost of taking damage from moving through the coral or skip straight into the enemy base to take out NPCs. Intelligent use of the teleporters can make split play viable on this map, but 8v8 builds are commonly favoured in this hall.

Defensive team[edit]

Two footmen and three archers overlook the entrance into the base making it fairly well defended, but these can all be avoided by going in through the teleporter. Through the back door there is only one archer and some coral between this entrance and the Lord pit. Height advantage can be gained on various platforms inside the base.

Offensive team[edit]

The offensive team's base is very similar to the defensive team's base, except with fewer overlooks and a few dead ends such as a flight of stairs that looks like the base's entrance but in fact leads to a dead end.

Disputed areas[edit]

The flag stand is fairly wide open, but the paths to each base contain choke points such as the bridges. The path through the teleporters to the flag stand and the enemy base are faster, but players making use of this will take extra damage pressure from the coral. This can be used by a flagger behind on flags to catch up, but increases the risk of being pushed while running flags. There are multiple paths for gank teams to retreat along meaning that proper communication can allow a split to retreat safely, but poor communication can easily result in a split being wiped in the coral due to the extra pressure.


  • This map was made infamous for Hexway builds before the changes to the side path.
Bug Bug.The Mini-map places the flag stand in the incorrect place.

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