Nomad's Isle

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Nomad's Isle
Nomad's Isle
Region Crystal Desert
Environment Effects Quicksand
Nomad's Isle Map

Nomad's Isle is inspired by the Crystal Desert region.


This hall consists of two forts, north (defender) and south (attacker), as well as a sandy region between those, including a quicksand area you must pass to take over the flagstand. The bases are also connected via a teleporter system. Unlike those at the Isle of Solitude these are two-way gates.

Map mechanics and rewards[edit]

  • The quicksand slows your movement by 15% and gives you a loss of one Energy every time you attack or use a skill.
  • Two teleporters outside the quicksand to each base. These teleporters work in both directions and can be used by either team.
  • In addition to these rules, this map follows the standard rules of a GvG.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

Most teams are poorly equipped to fight within the quicksand environment so teams using this as their hall may want to consider ways to keep the enemy team within the quicksand to keep them at a disadvantage. The teleporters make for easy entrance and exit from each base a long way from the flag stand so split tactics are favoured on this map. It is difficult to collapse on a split due to the long run through quicksand to get back to base. Fighting usually occurs on the shore outside either base or at the flag stand itself, usually in cramped circumstances to avoid standing in the quicksand.

Defensive team[edit]

The base is very poorly defended with only three archers outside the lord pit, so flag runners defending base may find themselves turtled in the lord room very rapidly. The archers are spread well out so they cannot cover each other. Due to the quicksand effect it can take assistance a long time to arrive in the event of a split so teams need to be wary against split tactics. The front door is a tight choke point so due to the lack of friendly NPCs defense should likely be mounted with the enemy team inside that choke point or all the way back at the lord pit.

Offensive team[edit]

The Offensive team's base is practically identical to the defensive teams.

Disputed areas[edit]

The flagstand is also raised giving a significant advantage to the team who makes it there first. Because of the movement penalty flagrunners are an easy target for projectile attacks from beneath the flagstand. The quicksand can be avoided altogether by running around the teleporters and teams are ill-advised to attack a team on solid ground from within the quicksand. Positioning plays a key role for this hall as the team that controls the high ground gains a significant advantage.

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