Uncharted Isle

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Uncharted Isle
Uncharted Isle
Region Istan
Environment Effects None
Uncharted Isle Map

Uncharted Isle is a Guild Hall based on the Istani region of Elona. It was introduced with the release of Guild Wars Nightfall.


A wide open area separates the two bases on the Uncharted Isle. From this area, paths branch off on one side to the flag stand, and on the opposite side, to a narrow path connecting the back doors of each base. The rear path lies far enough away that a split team can elude compass detection from the players out front. The rear path can be accessed through a passage northwest from the center area.

Map mechanics and rewards[edit]

  • This map follows the standard rules of a GvG with no additional mechanics.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

Due to the reasonably poorly defended back door and distance of the back route from the main area this map quite heavily favours split tactics. Long distances between the various paths mean that snaring separated foes can allow for easy kills while they are far from support. The large distance between the flag stand and the center of the battlefield also means that pushes against flaggers are common. Standard 8v8 play typically occurs in the water outside each gate.

Defensive team[edit]

Two footmen stand outside both the front and back gates, out of range of the supporting archer upon the walls and inside the back gate. There is one other archer alone just inside the front gate, but this archer is easily killed and offers little support. The lord pit contains the standard Guild Lord, Bodyguard, two knights and two archers. The archer on top of the outer wall is relatively important as he covers the approach to the flag stand and can cripple enemies attempting to collapse on a flagger. The NPCs at the back door are all standing at ground level and very easily killed leaving the route to the lord room largely undefended.

Offensive team[edit]

This base is slightly easier to turtle inside due to the constricted back entrance to the lord pit allowing defenders to stay obstructed from attackers. Otherwise the layout is very similar to the defensive team's base.

Disputed areas[edit]

Split teams ganking along the back path can be quickly collapsed upon through the center with no clear route of escape. The long run to the flag stand means that boosts can be forced through effective snaring and harrassment of the flagger and the isolation of the flagger from the main team in general can make pushing flaggers a very viable tactic.


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