Warrior's Isle

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Warrior's Isle
Warrior's Isle
Region The Battle Isles
Environment Effects None
Warrior's Isle map.jpg

Warrior's Isle was the only map available during the start of beta and is the template for The Battle Isles.


The two bases are connected by a winding path with an alternative route to a back door of each base on either side. The Tower Flag Stand is in the center of the map in a slightly wider more open area surrounded by small buildings. A trebuchet faces the entrance to each base with a repair kit located just opposite each trebuchet at the start of the match at the top of a small bluff overlooking the path to the flag stand.

Map mechanics and rewards[edit]

  • There is a repair kit outside each base which can be used to repair the trebuchets by interacting with the lever while holding the repair kit.
  • Once repaired, each trebuchet can be loaded by pulling the lever, then fired by pulling the lever again once the loading animation has finished creating a high damage area of effect explosion inside the base it faces.
  • In addition to these rules, this map follows the standard rules of a GvG.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

Splitting on this map is generally difficult as it is actually faster to run down the central main path than around the side paths to the back door. The entrance to the side paths are also quite visible from the stand so splits are usually noticed early and easily countered. The opening move for both teams usually involves a midliner taking the flag while the flagger runs out to secure the repair kit and bring it safely back to base to prevent the trebuchet facing their own base being repaired easily.

Defensive team[edit]

High walls surround the base which can be used to block line of sight and obstruct projectiles. The inside of the base is relatively flat and empty with a large courtyard directly inside the front gate. The back gate is slightly more constricted and acts as a choke point with a wide open area just outside.

Offensive team[edit]

The inside of the offensive team's base is slightly undulating with a couple of buildings and a stairway up to a boat which can be accessed over a bridge. The bridge is too wide to viably body block. Otherwise it is quite similar to the defensive teams base with generally less options for obstructing line of sight.

Disputed areas[edit]

The stand is relatively open but choke points exist just back from the flag stand before each front gate. The trebuchets fire into the center of the base and can catch one of the outer archers so are worth firing a couple of times even if no one is in the base. It can help to preload the trebuchets even for quick firing when a flagger returns. One person manning a trebuchet can completely prevent flags from being run unless the flagger has Protective Spirit.


Anomaly Anomaly.This guild hall uses the Kryta loading screen.

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