Isle of Weeping Stone

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Isle of Weeping Stone
Isle of Weeping Stone
Region Echovald Forest
Environment Effects Blessed Water
Stone Spores
Map of Isle of Weeping Stone

Isle of Weeping Stone is a Guild Hall inspired by the Echovald Forest region of Cantha, homeland of the Kurzicks. It was introduced as a Guild Hall with the release of Guild Wars Factions.


Between the defender's "cathedral" in the north and the attacker's cave base in the south, there are two paths: the "main" western path connects the main exits of the bases, and the secondary eastern path connects the rear exits of the bases. There is a naked statue of a man being attaked by a flock of crows.

The flag stand sits aside a large, square hedge in a courtyard along the main path. A gate facing the flag stand is the one direct connection between the two paths. The gate's only lever is against a fountain on the far side of the gate, and the gate is flanked by overlooks only accessible to that side.

Map Mechanics and Rewards[edit]

  • Standing in water on this map will give you the Blessed Water effect.
  • Standing in spores near giant mushrooms will cause the Stone Spores effect.
  • In addition to these rules, this map follows the standard rules of a GvG.

Strategy and tactics[edit]

The large distance between the split path and the flag stand makes split tactics viable on this map, especially considering that the gate to the split path can only be opened from the split side. This gives a team which is proactively splitting a considerable advantage over a team that only splits reactively. The back doors of both bases are also poorly defended with two archers on a top cliff being the only defenders before the lord pit. Defensive splits need to react rapidly to save NPCs.

Defensive team[edit]

The outer footmen are pushed up quite close to the flag stand with a long distance between them and the lord pit. The back door is very poorly defended and attackers can usually quite easily dodge and obstruct the archer's attacks, although their location makes them slightly more difficult to kill. The resurrection shrine is a long way from the lord pit making it difficult for a turtling team to support anyone who base rezzes. Inside the base is reasonably wide open with few obstructions.

Offensive team[edit]

The offensive team's base is essentially identical to the defensive team's base.

Disputed areas[edit]

The mushrooms and cliffs at the flag stand and split paths can provide opportunity for obstruction. Careful positioning can gain advantages by forcing the enemy team to stand in the spores or positioning your team inside the blessed water. It is important that players are aware of the spores and where they are on this map as getting a defensive character caught in the spores at the wrong moment can leave them defenseless. It is possible for a turtled team to sneak a flag out of the back door, but the flagger may have some difficulty getting back into the base alive if sent alone as they won't be able to reopen the gate.

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