Tower Flag Stand

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Tower Flag Stand
Tower Flag Stand.jpg
Type PvP object
Campaign Core

A Tower Flag Stand is a PvP object and game mechanic used in all GvG battles. The flag stand grants a morale boost to the team which is able to hold it for two continuous minutes. Flag stand control is an important part of GvG tactics.



A flag stand has a fixed location in a Guild Hall. It is always positioned equidistant from the flag spawn points for each team.

The flag stand is captured using a flag by a player. This begins a two minute countdown, visible on all players' screens, indicating when that team is able to get a morale boost. If the other team is able to carry a flag for their team to the stand before the timer runs out, they stop the morale boost and begin a new two minute countdown for their own morale boost.

The fight over control of the flag stand is core to the GvG game mechanic and much effort is taken to hold or take the stand.

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