Isle of the Nameless (PvP)

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvP version of the Isle of the Nameless. For the PvE area, see Isle of the Nameless.

Isle of the Nameless (PvP)
Isle of the Nameless.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Great Temple of Balthazar
Random Arenas
Isle of the Nameless map 01.jpg
Map of location
Isle of the Nameless NPC locations.jpg
Map of items of interest

The Isle of the Nameless (PvP) is the PvP-counterpart of the Isle of the Nameless. All skills are converted to their PvP-equivalents and the Flux is in effect. Otherwise, both Isles use identical layouts and include identical NPCs.

Getting there[edit]


  • Similar to other PvP instances, you cannot drop items from your inventory nor switch armor here, unlike Isle of the Nameless and other explorable areas.
  • Similar to other PvP instances, the /resign command will not work for the first five minutes of entering here; however, unlike other PvP instances, dishonor points are not given for leaving via map travel.


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