Dishonorable Combatant System

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The Dishonorable Combatant System punishes players via Dishonorable.

Dishonor points[edit]

An account may be given dishonor points for leaving a PvP match prematurely, for leeching experience or faction, or for falsely reporting team members for leeching. An account that has accumulated ten or more dishonor points will gain the Dishonorable status.

  • Players who leave a PvP match (excluding Guild versus Guild scrimmages) prematurely will receive 10 dishonor points. Leaving via resigning only counts as a premature exit in Alliance Battles and Rollerbeetle Racing.
    • A player can be forced to resign due to excessively long load times, which can be caused by lag, or by the player being required to download game content before entering the arena.
  • If a player is reported for leeching, that player will receive 2 dishonor points for each report against them.
    • If at least half of your team reports this player, a further penalty will be applied preventing any experience or faction gain in the match.
  • Players who report a team member for leeching without at least a third of their team also reporting that player will also receive 2 dishonor points. This is to prevent grief-reporting, but also makes it possible to get Dishonorable status for, essentially, doing the right thing, if your compatriots are apathetic.
    • This is bugged as even if a third of your team report someone for leeching, you still gain dishonor points.
  • A player who stands in the same spot and does not move for a length of time at any point during a match will get Dishonorable status automatically, even if they are using skills during that time (such as bonders at Fort Aspenwood) and has not been reported for leeching by other players.

Dishonor points will remain on the player's account for a total of 60 minutes. If further dishonor points are acquired during this period, that account is once again given the Dishonorable status, though for a longer period of time due to the accumulation of points.

  • To clear dishonor points from an account, a player must go 60 minutes without accumulating any new dishonor points.