Zaishen Challenge

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Disambig icon.png This is a mission entry. For information on the outpost, see Zaishen Challenge (outpost).
Disambig icon.png This article is about the Zaishen Challenge missions. For the Zaishen Challenge quests, see Zaishen Challenge Quest.
Zaishen Challenge
Zaishen Challenge map.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Challenge
Party size 4
Duration Short
Preceded by The Team Trials
Followed by The Path of the Zaishen Elite

Zaishen Challenge is a simulated PvP battle in which 4 players challenge 4 level 20 Zaishen in combat.

Mission information[edit]


Before clicking on the button to start the mission, the arena and foe will have to be selected. Options include:



Balthazar faction
Unique kill 40
Victory 50
Flawless 50

There is a 2,000 Balthazar faction cap per day in this mission. The faction cap resets every 24 hours from when you last started any of the simulated PVP. Any faction earned in Training Arena and Zaishen Elite counts towards the cap. Also, any faction earned in this mission counts towards the Balthazar faction cap in Training Arena and Zaishen Elite.


Tricks to defeat the teams[edit]

You can easily solo the challenge. Heroes can no longer be used in PvP and all Zaishen Areas are considered PvP.

Solo Trapper Method[edit]

Opposing Teams: IWAY Warriors, Smiting Monks, ViM Trappers

Yourself: Ranger using traps. Wilderness 16, Expertise 15.

Arena: Anywhere.

Strategy: As soon as the map loads spam as many of the following traps while using Trapper's Speed stance: Spike Trap, Flame Trap, Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Piercing Trap, and Tripwire; as they recharge use the spirits Winnowing and/or Frozen Soil, and recast your traps as they recharge. Do not move (stand on your traps), let them get to melee range, and they will die quickly.

Note: This can also be used to defeat the IW mesmers and OS Elementalist, however its often much more difficult as occasionally the mesmers will have 1 stand behind to use Imagined Burden, and the elementalist will only step on the traps if you cast it at the door, and then run to the back of the start, do not use any spirits on the elementalist.

Opposing Team: Trappers[edit]

Yourself: Ranger or Elementalist, using traps.

Arena: Heroes' Crypt.

Strategy: as soon as the doors open, move to the bridge, and cast traps, especially different traps for best effect. Cast as many as you can before the opposing team gets to you. Then move a bit backwards and repeat (especially on choke points). The trick is to move back slowly such that you're never exposed to their traps, and let them get the brunt of your own traps. If they retreat, stay there casting traps and wait for them to come back. This trick may also prove effective against other AI-controlled teams, as they all tend to rush you.

Opposing Team: Trappers or IWAY or IW (solo method)[edit]

Yourself: Ranger using traps. Wilderness 16, Expertise 13, Beast 11 (all sup runes).

Arena: Anywhere.

Strategy: As soon as the map loads, cast Winnowing. When it finishes, follow with Serpent's Quickness, and spam the following traps: Spike Trap, Flame Trap, Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Piercing Trap, and Viper's Nest. Recast them as they recharge. Do not move, let them get to melee range, and their deaths will be quick.

Opposing Team: Illusionary Weaponry Team[edit]

Yourself: Elementalist/Ranger

Arena: Shiverpeak Arena

Strategy: AOE earth magic, Shockwave, and Aftershock, with Frozen Soil,+ Sliver Armor, run into center of map, Do not use Armor of Earth, or Kinetic Armor, as Illusionary Weaponry ignores armor, and attunements, then frozen soil, wait until they get close, activate Sliver amour, queue Aftershock, and Shockwave, then Crystal Wave and its duplicate. Wand the rest dead, until skills recharge, then repeat.

Alternative strategy:As a warrior, take heal elementalist and warrior henchman, then fight the Illusionary Weaponry Team, You win always without doing anything.

Opposing Team: Trappers[edit]

Yourself: Anything, with the elite skill Melandru's Resilience

Arena: Anything

Strategy: simply keep Melandru's resilience up the entire time (possible with 9 in wilderness survival) and activate as many traps as you can. The degen should be wiped out by your stance, and with quite possibly double the average energy regen, expensive skills should be far easier to spam. Possibly take frozen soil to speed things up.

Opposing Team: Anything[edit]

Yourself: Elementalist

Arena: Anything

Strategy: you need 3 skills: Echo, Arcane Echo and Meteor Shower. You can take fire attunement to reduce the cost. When you see the Zaishen coming start your echo-chain (make sure echo is cast before they are with you but don't let it run out while casting meteor shower). They will die very quickly and are unable to use their resurrection skills because of the continuous knockdown.

Opposing Team: Obsidian Elementalists[edit]

Yourself: Dervish

Arena: Any

Strategy: Use Vow of Silence with Vampiric Scythe of Enchanting and at least 11 Mysticism (ideally 11 + 2). Combine it with Vow of Piety, which is constantly refreshed by recasting of Vow of Silence. Use scythe attacks that don't tear down enchantments (e.g. Victorious Sweep - Healing, Radiant Scythe, Mystic Sweep, Zealous Sweep) and Heart of Fury for added DPS. Keep Vow of Silence up at all times.


  • You must reach the daily cap in Zaishen Challenge once to get access to Zaishen Elite.
  • One character on your account must have completed The Path of the Zaishen Elite quest to get access to Zaishen Elite.
  • Your character does not have to be level 20 to be able to enter.
  • Spike one of the NPCs three times to (a) stack enemy DP and (b) to force the others to use up their res signets, reducing the number of times you have to kill any of the enemies.
Anomaly Anomaly.After winning a match, "Consecutive Wins: 1" will display in the middle of the screen. Since you are immediately returned to the outpost after a win or loss, and the counter is reset, you cannot gain a consecutive win streak larger than 1.
  • You cannot use heroes in the challenge, which is (according to Andrew Patrick) "an unintended side-effect of removing them from other PvP formats." (source)

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