The Team Trials

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The Team Trials
Section The Battle Isles Quests
Campaign Core
Given by The Guide
in Isle of the Nameless
(The Battle Isles)
Preceded by The Nameless Masters
Followed by Zaishen Challenge
Type Secondary quest

Learn about the basics of Player versus Player from the Master of Paths.

Quest information[edit]




Talk to the Master of Paths to get started; he will take you through the Training Arenas. If you fail any of the tests, you will need to try again from the start. Upon the successful completion of all four arenas, talk to Challenge Master, Rioka to complete the quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

The Guide
"It is time that you begin study of the art of team combat. Inside the arenas, you will learn how to fight with a team, as well as the different victory conditions of battle. To gain access to the Training Arenas, take the stairs downward again, but this time, turn right at the bottom of the stairs. On the south end of the island, speak to the Master of Paths and he will instruct you further.
If you continue to impress the Zaishen as you have, you may even be granted access to their challenge areas."
Yes Accept: "Bring it on!"
No Decline: "I have no interest in fighting the Zaishen."
Ask Ask: "Speak to the Master of Paths to enter the training arenas. He can be found on the south side of the Isle of the Nameless, just outside the Great Temple of Balthazar."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Master of Paths
"The Zaishen order hosts several arenas here where you may train in arena fighting. Four members of the order will form a team against you, while a few others will join with you so that you also have at team of four. Claim victory in all the arenas, consecutively. When you have done so, you will find yourself in the Zaishen Challenge outpost. From there, seek out Challenge Master Rioka."
Yes I am ready to take a team into the Training Arenas

During Annihilation Training:

Master of Paths: "When your team stands alive on the battle field and all your enemies are dead, you have won an annihilation match."
Master of Paths: "Remember to use your skills to add damage to your basic attacks."
Master of Paths: "Holding down the left Ctrl key while using a skill will help your team focus attacks on your target."

During Obelisk Annihilation Training:

Master of Paths: "Obelisks are places of power that radiate damage over a wide area. To capture an obelisk for your side, take one of your team's flags to the Obelisk Flag Stand in its center."
Master of Paths: "To drop an item such as a flag, switch to your weapon using the F1 key or press the on-screen "Drop Item" button."
Master of Paths: "Enemy Monks can heal their party members. Use the Tab or Ctrl keys to locate the Monks if you wish to attack them first."
Master of Paths: "Holding down the left Ctrl key while using a skill will help your team focus attacks on your target."

During Priest Annihilation Training:

Priest: "As long as I tend the Resurrection Shrine, I can periodically resurrect fallen members of your party."
Master of Paths: "You may find priests manning the resurrection shrines [sic] on some battlefields. [sic] These priests will resurrect all dead team members every two minutes."
Master of Paths: "You must kill the enemy priests as well as the entire opposing team to win."

During Kill Count Training:

Master of Paths: "To win the match, your team must score more kills than the opposing team before the time limit runs out."
Master of Paths: "Teams resurrect very quickly in Kill Count. Do not be discouraged by death, only score more kills than your opponent."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Challenge Master Rioka
"Excellent! Well done! The priests have told me of your great valor in the trials. I am the challenge master of the Zaishen and am pleased to offer you or your team a chance to fight our very best teams.
If you wish to return to the great temple for further training, consult your map by pressing "M." Good luck to you."