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A secondary quest, also known as a side quest, is a quest which is optional to complete. Secondary quests often have their own storyline, but unlike primary quests, secondary quests do not need to be completed to progress a campaign's story line.

Acquisition and removal[edit]

Secondary quests are usually given by NPCs in towns and outposts, but occasionally may be given by NPCs you meet in explorable areas. NPCs can be identified by a green 3D exclamation mark hovering above them. Secondary quests are usually listed under a sub-heading in the Quest Log, divided by the region the quests were obtained in. The player can come back later and complete these quests at their own leisure.


Often, a particular NPC will not have any secondary quests available until certain other conditions have been met (i.e. certain map areas unlocked, or quests active). Secondary quests often have their own storyline, where a quest leads through to other related quests available only after completing the preceding quest.


To complete a secondary quest you will need meet all the objectives. Like primary quests, there may be multiple objectives to do to fully complete a secondary quest. When completed, the quest will often be marked as (Completed) in the quest log and will direct the player to speak to a specific NPC to receive their reward. Completed quests cannot normally be obtained again.


Quests can be abandoned by using the Abandon button in the quest log while the quest is highlighted. This option is only available in towns and outposts. Abandoned quests can usually be reacquired the same way they were acquired the first time.


Secondary quests offer similar rewards to primary quests. Common rewards given for secondary quests include experience and gold, and may also include (but not limited to):

A small number of quest rewards are automatically acquired on meeting the quest's final objective.

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