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Note: Quests change daily at 16:00 UTC; Sandford's requests change at 7:00 UTC. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Combat Zaishen Vanquish Shining Blade Vanguard Quest Nicholas Sandford
3 June 2020 The Frost Gate Fendi Nin Jade Quarry Diviner's Ascent Calamitous Farmer Hamnet Worn Belts
4 June 2020 Augury Rock Mungri Magicbox Alliance Battles Dalada Uplands Greves the Overbearing Charr Gargoyle Skulls
5 June 2020 Grand Court of Sebelkeh Priest of Menzies Heroes' Ascent Drazach Thicket Lev the Condemned Countess Nadya Unnatural Seeds
6 June 2020 Ice Caves of Sorrow Ilsundur, Lord of Fire Random Arena Fahranur, the First City Justiciar Marron Footman Tate Skale Fins
7 June 2020 Raisu Palace Kepkhet Marrowfeast Fort Aspenwood Dragon's Gullet Justiciar Kasandra Bandits Red Iris Flowers
8 June 2020 Gate of Desolation Commander Wahli Jade Quarry Ferndale Vess the Disputant Utini Wupwup Enchanted Lodestones
9 June 2020 Thirsty River Kanaxai Random Arena Forum Highlands Justiciar Kimii Ascalonian Noble Skeletal Limbs
10 June 2020 Blacktide Den Khabuus Fort Aspenwood Dreadnought's Drift Zaln the Jaded Undead Charr Carvings
11 June 2020 Against the Charr Molotov Rocktail Heroes' Ascent Drakkar Lake Justiciar Sevaan Blazefiend Griefblade Spider Legs
12 June 2020 Abaddon's Mouth The Stygian Lords Alliance Battles Dry Top Insatiable Vakar Farmer Hamnet Baked Husks
13 June 2020 Nundu Bay Dragon Lich Guild Versus Guild Tears of the Fallen Amalek the Unmerciful Charr Gargoyle Skulls
14 June 2020 Divinity Coast Havok Soulwail Codex Arena Gyala Hatchery Carnak the Hungry Countess Nadya Unnatural Seeds
15 June 2020 Zen Daijun Ghial the Bone Dancer Random Arena Ettin's Back Valis the Rampant Footman Tate Icy Lodestones
16 June 2020 Pogahn Passage Murakai, Lady of the Night Fort Aspenwood Gandara, the Moon Fortress Cerris Bandits Grawl Necklaces
17 June 2020 Tahnnakai Temple Rand Stormweaver Alliance Battles Grothmar Wardowns Sarnia the Red-Handed Utini Wupwup Enchanted Lodestones
18 June 2020 The Great Northern Wall Verata Jade Quarry Flame Temple Corridor Destor the Truth Seeker Ascalonian Noble Worn Belts
19 June 2020 Dasha Vestibule Droajam, Mage of the Sands Codex Arena Haiju Lagoon Selenas the Blunt Undead Dull Carapaces
20 June 2020 The Wilds Royen Beastkeeper Heroes' Ascent Frozen Forest Justiciar Amilyn Blazefiend Griefblade Spider Legs
21 June 2020 Unwaking Waters Eldritch Ettin Guild Versus Guild Garden of Seborhin Maximilian the Meticulous Farmer Hamnet Gargoyle Skulls
22 June 2020 Chahbek Village Vengeful Aatxe Alliance Battles Grenth's Footprint Joh the Hostile Charr Icy Lodestones
23 June 2020 Aurora Glade Fronis Irontoe Heroes' Ascent Jaya Bluffs Barthimus the Provident Countess Nadya Unnatural Seeds
24 June 2020 A Time for Heroes Urgoz Guild Versus Guild Holdings of Chokhin Calamitous Footman Tate Worn Belts
25 June 2020 Consulate Docks Fenrir Codex Arena Ice Cliff Chasms Greves the Overbearing Bandits Grawl Necklaces
26 June 2020 Ring of Fire Selvetarm Fort Aspenwood Griffon's Mouth Lev the Condemned Utini Wupwup Baked Husks
27 June 2020 Nahpui Quarter Mohby Windbeak Jade Quarry Kinya Province Justiciar Marron Ascalonian Noble Skeletal Limbs
28 June 2020 The Dragon's Lair Charged Blackness Random Arena Issnur Isles Justiciar Kasandra Undead Red Iris Flowers
29 June 2020 Dzagonur Bastion Rotscale Codex Arena Jaga Moraine Vess the Disputant Blazefiend Griefblade Charr Carvings
30 June 2020 D'Alessio Seaboard Zoldark the Unholy Guild Versus Guild Ice Floe Justiciar Kimii Farmer Hamnet Skale Fins
1 July 2020 Assault on the Stronghold Korshek the Immolated Jade Quarry Maishang Hills Zaln the Jaded Charr Dull Carapaces
2 July 2020 The Eternal Grove Myish, Lady of the Lake Alliance Battles Jahai Bluffs Justiciar Sevaan Countess Nadya Enchanted Lodestones
3 July 2020 Sanctum Cay Frostmaw the Kinslayer Heroes' Ascent Riven Earth Insatiable Vakar Footman Tate Charr Carvings
4 July 2020 Rilohn Refuge Kunvie Firewing Random Arena Icedome Amalek the Unmerciful Bandits Spider Legs
5 July 2020 Warband of Brothers Z'him Monns Fort Aspenwood Minister Cho's Estate Carnak the Hungry Utini Wupwup Red Iris Flowers
6 July 2020 Borlis Pass The Greater Darkness Jade Quarry Mehtani Keys Valis the Rampant Ascalonian Noble Worn Belts
7 July 2020 Imperial Sanctum TPS Regulator Golem Random Arena Sacnoth Valley Cerris Undead Dull Carapaces
8 July 2020 Moddok Crevice Plague of Destruction Fort Aspenwood Iron Horse Mine Sarnia the Red-Handed Blazefiend Griefblade Grawl Necklaces
9 July 2020 Nolani Academy The Darknesses Heroes' Ascent Morostav Trail Destor the Truth Seeker Farmer Hamnet Baked Husks
10 July 2020 Destruction's Depths Admiral Kantoh Alliance Battles Plains of Jarin Selenas the Blunt Charr Skeletal Limbs
11 July 2020 Venta Cemetery Borrguus Blisterbark Guild Versus Guild Sparkfly Swamp Justiciar Amilyn Countess Nadya Unnatural Seeds
12 July 2020 Fort Ranik Forgewight Codex Arena Kessex Peak Maximilian the Meticulous Footman Tate Enchanted Lodestones
13 July 2020 A Gate Too Far Baubao Wavewrath Random Arena Mourning Veil Falls Joh the Hostile Bandits Skale Fins
14 July 2020 Minister Cho's Estate Joffs the Mitigator Fort Aspenwood The Alkali Pan Barthimus the Provident Utini Wupwup Icy Lodestones
15 July 2020 Thunderhead Keep Rragar Maneater Alliance Battles Varajar Fells Calamitous Ascalonian Noble Gargoyle Skulls
16 July 2020 Tihark Orchard Chung, the Attuned Jade Quarry Lornar's Pass Greves the Overbearing Undead Dull Carapaces
17 July 2020 Finding the Bloodstone Lord Jadoth Codex Arena Pongmei Valley Lev the Condemned Blazefiend Griefblade Baked Husks
18 July 2020 Dunes of Despair Nulfastu, Earthbound Heroes' Ascent The Floodplain of Mahnkelon Justiciar Marron Farmer Hamnet Red Iris Flowers
19 July 2020 Vizunah Square The Iron Forgeman Guild Versus Guild Verdant Cascades Justiciar Kasandra Charr Spider Legs
20 July 2020 Jokanur Diggings Magmus Alliance Battles Majesty's Rest Vess the Disputant Countess Nadya Skeletal Limbs
21 July 2020 Iron Mines of Moladune Mobrin, Lord of the Marsh Heroes' Ascent Raisu Palace Justiciar Kimii Footman Tate Charr Carvings
22 July 2020 Kodonur Crossroads Jarimiya the Unmerciful Guild Versus Guild The Hidden City of Ahdashim Zaln the Jaded Bandits Enchanted Lodestones
23 July 2020 G.O.L.E.M. Duncan the Black Codex Arena Rhea's Crater Justiciar Sevaan Utini Wupwup Grawl Necklaces
24 July 2020 Arborstone Quansong Spiritspeak Fort Aspenwood Mamnoon Lagoon Insatiable Vakar Ascalonian Noble Icy Lodestones
25 July 2020 Gates of Kryta The Stygian Underlords Jade Quarry Shadow's Passage Amalek the Unmerciful Undead Worn Belts
26 July 2020 Gate of Madness Fozzy Yeoryios Random Arena The Mirror of Lyss Carnak the Hungry Blazefiend Griefblade Gargoyle Skulls
27 July 2020 The Elusive Golemancer The Black Beast of Arrgh Codex Arena Saoshang Trail Valis the Rampant Farmer Hamnet Unnatural Seeds
28 July 2020 Riverside Province Arachni Guild Versus Guild Nebo Terrace Cerris Charr Skale Fins
29 July 2020 Boreas Seabed The Four Horsemen Jade Quarry Shenzun Tunnels Sarnia the Red-Handed Countess Nadya Red Iris Flowers
30 July 2020 Ruins of Morah Remnant of Antiquities Alliance Battles The Ruptured Heart Destor the Truth Seeker Footman Tate Enchanted Lodestones
31 July 2020 Hell's Precipice Arbor Earthcall Heroes' Ascent Salt Flats Selenas the Blunt Bandits Skeletal Limbs
1 August 2020 Ruins of Surmia Prismatic Ooze Random Arena North Kryta Province Justiciar Amilyn Utini Wupwup Charr Carvings
2 August 2020 Curse of the Nornbear Lord Khobay Fort Aspenwood Silent Surf Maximilian the Meticulous Ascalonian Noble Spider Legs
3 August 2020 Sunjiang District Jedeh the Mighty Jade Quarry The Shattered Ravines Joh the Hostile Undead Baked Husks
4 August 2020 Elona Reach Ssuns, Blessed of Dwayna Random Arena Scoundrel's Rise Barthimus the Provident Blazefiend Griefblade Gargoyle Skulls
5 August 2020 Gate of Pain Justiciar Thommis Fort Aspenwood Old Ascalon Calamitous Farmer Hamnet Unnatural Seeds
6 August 2020 Blood Washes Blood Harn and Maxine Coldstone Heroes' Ascent Sunjiang District Greves the Overbearing Charr Icy Lodestones
7 August 2020 Bloodstone Fen Pywatt the Swift Alliance Battles The Sulfurous Wastes Lev the Condemned Countess Nadya Grawl Necklaces
8 August 2020 Jennur's Horde Fendi Nin Guild Versus Guild Magus Stones Justiciar Marron Footman Tate Enchanted Lodestones
9 August 2020 Gyala Hatchery Mungri Magicbox Codex Arena Perdition Rock Justiciar Kasandra Bandits Worn Belts
10 August 2020 Abaddon's Gate Priest of Menzies Random Arena Sunqua Vale Vess the Disputant Utini Wupwup Dull Carapaces
11 August 2020 The Frost Gate Ilsundur, Lord of Fire Fort Aspenwood Turai's Procession Justiciar Kimii Ascalonian Noble Spider Legs

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