The Four Horsemen (Zaishen quest)

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The Four Horsemen
Banished Dream Rider.jpg
Section Zaishen Bounty Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Zaishen Bounty
in Great Temple of Balthazar
Type Secondary quest Rotating quest
The Four Horsemen map.jpg
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Kill the four horsemen.

Quest information[edit]




As per the The Four Horsemen quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Zaishen Bounty
"Kill the four horsemen; Madruk Dhuum, Thul Za Dhuum, Ghozer Dhuum, Kazhad Dhuum in the Underworld."
Yes Accept: "I can do that!"
No Decline: "No, I'm way too busy today."
Ask Ask: "These despicable villains still stalk the land, preying on the innocent. Heroes who are up to the challenge should seek these fiends out and take their lives as payment."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"Excellent work! The Zaishen admire your dedication."