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The Zaishen Order is an intercontinental guild that honors the god Balthazar. It is led by the Zaishen High Council. Their devotion to Balthazar's rites and ceremonies dates back nearly to antiquity. Aside from hosting various tournaments and arenas, the Zaishen Order also protect Tyria from demonic forces and guard the portals to the Rift that were created by Lord Odran. The Zaishen practice their philosophy of combat amongst themselves in one of the Battle Isle's arenas, while the elite of the Order defend their honor in a secret location that is but seldomly revealed to outsiders.


High Council and Officers Zaishen Units Masters and Trainers Students Henchmen

Unknown 20 High Commissioner Gyills
Unknown 20 High Priest Zhang
Unknown 20 Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar
Sworn of the Zaishen:
Unknown 20 Ceira, Sworn to Fire (leader)
Unknown 20 Fylinn, Sworn to Winds
Unknown 20 Merrise, Sworn to Seas
Unknown 20 Palora, Sworn to Earth
Unknown 20 Commander Kuro
Unknown 20 Field General Hayao
Unknown 20 General Yurukaro

Warrior 20 Guard of the Isles
Monk 10 Priest of Balthazar
Unknown 20 Zaishen Acolyte
Unknown 20 Zaishen Representative
Unknown 10 Zaishen Supply Master
Unknown 10 Zaishen Scout
Unknown 20 Zaishen Handler
Unknown 20 Zaishen Trainer
Unknown 20 Zaishen Weapon Masters
Unknown 20 Zenjal

Elementalist 20 Master of Winds
Unknown 20 Master of Area Effects
Unknown 20 Master of Blocking
Unknown 20 Master of Bows
Unknown 20 Master of Conditions
Unknown 20 Master of Combat
Unknown 20 Master of Items
Unknown 20 Master of Magic
Unknown 20 Master of Paths
Unknown 20 Master of Resurrection
Unknown 20 Master of the Isle
Unknown 20 The Guide

Warrior 20 Student of Bleeding
Warrior 20 Student of Deep Wounds
Warrior 20 Student of Poison
Ranger 20 Student of Crippled
Monk 20 Student of Burning

Warrior 20 Zaishen Fighter
Ranger 20 Zaishen Archer
Monk 20 Zaishen Healer
Elementalist 20 Zaishen Mage

Codex Arena henchmen[edit]

List of Codex Arena henchmen

Heroes' Ascent henchmen[edit]

List of Heroes' Ascent henchmen

Guild Hall henchmen[edit]

List of Guild Halls henchmen

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
The Battle Isles

Warrior 20 Guard of the Isles
Warrior 20 Master of Axes
Warrior 20 Master of Hammers
Warrior 20 Student of Disease
Warrior 20 Student of Blind
Warrior 20 Student of Weakness
Ranger 20 Master of Interrupts
Ranger 20 Master of Survival
Monk 20 Student of Dazed
Monk 20 Master of Enchantment
Monk 20 Master of Healing
Mesmer 20 Master of Energy Denial
Mesmer 20 Master of Hexes
Elementalist 20 Master of Lightning
Ritualist 20 Master of Spirits
Unknown 20 Master of Damage


Zaishen Rewards[edit]

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