Master of Items

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Master of Items
Canthan armorer m.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

The Master of Items is a Zaishen master who gives information about trebuchets, obelisks, and flags. He is surrounded by items such as a repair kit, a lever, a defunct trebuchet and flag stands.



"Ready for real power? War is not all about flashy spells and shiny armor, you know. Take these contraptions behind me, for instance. They can turn the tide of battle, win a war, or liven up any defeat."
"Now, what's your pleasure?"
⇒ Tell me about trebuchets.
"The trebuchet is a mighty weapon, once repaired. You need only take the repair kit to the lever of any broken trebuchet to fix it. Then, pull the lever once to load the trebuchet and a second time to fire it."
"Be careful my friend, trebuchets are not terribly accurate and will do tremendous damage to both friend and foe where it hits."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Tell me about obelisks.
"Obelisks are places of power that radiate damage over a wide area. To capture an obelisk for your side, take one of your team's flags to the stand in the obelisk's center. The obelisk will then damage all nearby enemies and will continue to do so until the enemy team captures it."
"This obelisk, here, is designed for training purposes. Unlike real obelisks, it will change to enemy control 30 seconds after you capture it."
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⇒ Tell me about flags.
"The flag stand is a source of moral for teams. To claim the tower for your team, simple carry your flag to the flag stand. For every two consecutive minutes that your team holds the flag, you will receive a 10% morale boost."
"Morale boosts help work off your death penalty, and they can even increase your maximum Health and Energy up to 10% above normal if you have no death penalty."
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No I'll be on my way.